Articles by Zimiya

organize a safari

How to Organize a Safari for Africa

First of all, be aware of where you are going and what it means to go on organize a safari. If you are used to the comforts and everything goes according to plan, it is time…

responsible traveler

How to be a responsible traveler

Each new suitcase, horizon and adventure not only transform us, they can also change the world : and you, are you a responsible traveler ? Being a  responsible traveler  is a new lifestyle.

Christmas with children

5 plans we can make at Christmas with children

Christmas with children– It is clear that nobody enjoys Christmas like children. For them it is a magical time in which they will receive the gifts they love the most, provided they have behaved well…

hotel on the coast

How to choose a hotel on the coast

Knowing how to choose a hotel on the coast is key to not being disappointed. Also to get an accommodation with a good value for money. And according to your personal requirements.

luxury hotels


Reality and dreams are sometimes confused and this has happened to us knowing the luxury details that some of the most luxury hotels in the world. What is the most luxury hotel in the world?