Travelling Tips

eat in Berlin

Where to eat in Berlin

Eat in Berlin- We can affirm that Berlin is one of the cities in which we have eaten the best. In Berlin we tried the typical gastronomy of Germany, but also gastronomy from other parts…

Hiking Tips

Hiking Tips to Make Your First Trek a Success

An increasing number of people are choosing to hike as a form of low-impact exercise. There are many physical and mental benefits including lower levels of anxiety and preventing osteoporosis. Many people, however, set out…

How To Afford Your Backpacking Holiday

If you are looking for the adventure of a lifetime, then you can’t go wrong with a backpacking holiday. What better way is there to see the world than by throwing some clothes and essentials…

travel backpack

10 tips to travel backpack

Travel backpack-Adventure. Independence. Challenge. Fun. Freedom. They are all words that surely come to mind when you think about organizing your own trip with the best companion

responsible traveler

How to be a responsible traveler

Each new suitcase, horizon and adventure not only transform us, they can also change the world : and you, are you a responsible traveler ? Being a  responsible traveler  is a new lifestyle.

Pub quiz answers for a round on Italy.

For most people, mainly men, Italy means three things Gladiator, football and the Italian Grand Prix. Monza is one of the most exciting tracks around on so going there and really experience it can only…