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ideas for an outdoor party

With the arrival of good weather, the season of barbecues and outdoor parties is officially inaugurated. It is the longest days of the year, with the best temperature and with fewer obligations on a day-to-day basis. In addition, summer must be welcomed as it deserves and what better than a party? Here, we know that you want to make your event something big, that’s why we give you some ideas for an outdoor party.

Ideas for an outdoor party

It is important to pay attention to the ground where it is going to be held, we have to think that tables will have to be set, so it should be flat enough so that there are no balance problems. Also, we are not interested in our guests moving around in fear of stumbling.

ideas for an outdoor party

Throwing a theme party can make things a lot easier for you

The parties focused on a specific theme were always more fun, making the food, decoration and invitations go according to the chosen theme. Any ideas? Hawaiian, Ibiza or Greek and Roman festivals are always very frequent in summer.

Lighting is very important

You do not want your guests to spend the party with their hands annoyed by the sun, or fear for their integrity in the absolute gloom. You have to decide if you want a day event, in that case umbrellas and pergolas will be your great allies. If, on the other hand, you want to organize a night reception, the strings of lights and the “tiki” torches are very good choices, since they provide enough lighting and also look great with any theme. Avoid candles by the tables, we don’t want mishaps!

No food, no party

If you are going to invite a considerable number of people, definitely opt for a buffet. It should not be too complicated, it is summer and the cold food and the time are appreciated. You will not have to be taking walks to the kitchen, serve previously made food such as small glasses of gazpacho, sandwiches, nachos with guacamole or empanadas.

Choose drinks of all kinds

You should include another table with drinks … very important! There are people for everything, so you always have the basics: water, wine, soft drinks and beers. If you want to make a good impression, choose to add cocktails, they are always welcome and you do not need to complicate yourself much, the mythical mojitos, margaritas and daiquiris never fail.

Music will bring the party to life, watch what you put on!

It is very difficult, almost impossible, that all the guests listen to the same music. A good idea so that nobody gets bored, is to ask your assistants that a few weeks before they send you songs in the mail that they would like to listen to at the party. You will kill two birds with one stone, the playlist will create itself and everyone will be satisfied.

To play!

If what you are looking for is a memorable party, remember that we all have our childish and informal side. There are things that never go out of style, try to organize a karaoke or even a water balloon war when the night has advanced and the bottles have dropped … get ready for a good laugh attack.

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