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most scary forest in the world

Thanks to horror movies and their legends, there are some forests that have become an almost diabolical symbol. The darkness hides unimaginable dangers and strange noises that conspire to create a terrifying landscape. The footprints that are lost among the trees and shadows appear at nightfall. Here are The 7 most scary forest in the world.

1. Black Hills Forest – United Statesmost scary forest in the world

Although many took the events narrated in the tape as pure fiction, the truth is that there is a legend of “The Blair Witch” A macabre story that began in February 1785, in the old town of Blair, located in the north of Maryland, less than two hours away from Washington DC. It is one of the most horror and scary forest

2. The black forest – Germany

The Black Forest earned its name thanks to its density that makes it almost impossible for sunlight to penetrate it. The myths that invade this site are several, from a headless horseman riding a white horse, a king who kidnaps women to take them to his underground lair, to friendly dwarves and hungry werewolves. It didn’t help that the Brothers Grimm used this forest as inspiration for several of their stories.

3. The island of the dolls – Mexicomost scary forest in the world

To the south of Mexico City, between the Xochimilco channels, there is a small and terrifying island with thousands of disfigured and mutilated dolls. They say that many years ago a girl drowned in the canal under strange circumstances. When the caretaker of the island, Julián Sanatana Barrera arrived at the place 50 years ago, he began to see apparitions of the dead woman and found a doll floating in the river, and decided to hang it on a tree as a symbol of respect. From that moment on, he began to decorate the island in this terrifying way.

4. Freetown State Forest – United States

Located in the United States, Massachusetts. It is a sacred forest for Native Americans. These lands were bought by the state in 1659, but the Wampanoag tribe did not like this treatment, so they cursed the place. Paranormal phenomena ranging from ghostly and UFO apparitions to the presence of Big Foot are said to have occurred here.

5. Dering Woods – UKmost scary forest in the world

Puckley holds the dubious title of the most haunted village in the UK in the Guinness Book of Records, but its adjacent forest, Dering Woods, also called the Screaming Woods, catches the eye of people (and tourists). ) with their reported cases of ruptured eardrums. Yes, as you read it. Screams from the depths of the forest. In 1948, a chilling case occurred. Twenty bodies were found in the forest, eleven of them were children.

6. The mountain of Montserrat – Spain

There are many legends of Montserrat, each one more mysterious that have been passed from generation to generation although it is said that everything is written and very jealously kept in the Monastery library.

It is undoubtedly a permanent focus of attraction for hikers and climbers, while the Benedictine abbey that houses the Moreneta has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries.

7. Hoia Baciu Forest – Romaniamost scary forest in the world

The mysterious Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania Hoia-Baciu. It is a forest that has an area of ​​approximately 3 square kilometers. Its southern border begins with a ridge that runs from east to west and its eastern end is bordered by the Taietura Turcului, a valley that divides the north hill from the south. A forest of unusual natural beauty, which most likely has shaped all the parallel stories over time that have been transmitted from generation to generation. The beautiful forest that will make Dracula’s country your next destination. It is another most horror and scary forest