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boat lift installation near me

A boat lift can add a convenient and safe way to store and operate your vessel. However, installing this stand-alone structure is a complex process that should be completed correctly. Prioritizing safety throughout the installation process can help ensure a successful and worry-free experience for all involved. Here are a few important considerations to consider when considering boat lift installation.

Dock Type

Depending on the type of boat lift, there are different installation requirements. A trusted boat lifts Palm Beach County FL, contractor will ensure that the structure is properly anchored to the dock or seawall and that all components are connected correctly. Elevator boat lifts are a great option for locations where pilings are difficult or prohibited to install. They are also a good choice for areas that experience high tidal fluctuations or have hard bottom conditions. Before installing an elevator system, a reputable marine contractor should check that the dock/seawall structure is sturdy enough to support the load of the lift system and determine the ideal installation angle and required rail length.

A well-maintained boat lift is an essential component of any waterfront property. Having your boat lift inspected bi-annually by a reputable marine construction company will satisfy warranty requirements, extend its life and prevent future issues from occurring.

Installation Location

In Florida, a boat lift is one of the best investments for your waterfront property. It will protect your watercraft from corrosion and organism growth caused by storing it in saltwater, and it will also allow you to get your boat out of the water for maintenance or cleaning when you want or need to. Located along Florida’s southeast coast, Palm Beach County is home to West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities of Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton. Scenic natural features include the Loxahatchee River and the Jupiter Inlet. Whenever you purchase a waterfront property, you must get all the necessary building permits and inspections before any work begins. This includes sea wall and dock construction as well as the installation of a boat lift. You must also check the recorded plat and HOA restrictions to ensure they allow for the addition of a boat lift.

Water Depth

The water depth at your marine property can make a huge difference in the type of boat lift that will work for you. Most options require at least three feet of water, but a floating dock could be ideal if your shoreline is fluctuating. This option rises and falls with the tide, making it easy to access your boat. This style of boat lift uses an air-filled chamber atop a metal or plastic base that floats in the water instead of resting on legs or pilings like a standard dock or lift. It is great for areas where the water levels rise and fall, as it won’t damage your dock or boat. It is also safer than other boat lift designs, eliminating the risk of electrocution caused by leaking electrical wiring. You can maintain your electric motor and other components, but the water won’t threaten them like in an open lake.


Ultimately, installing a boat lift will depend on your preference and budget. To determine the ideal capacity, consider your boat’s dry weight plus all of its accessories and equipment, such as the outboard motor, fuel tank, live wells, etc. It is also important to factor in your desired boarding height and custom features like a canopy or dock lights. A piling mount lift can cost more than a freestanding or shore-mounted option but is often worth the investment, especially for large boats and if you plan on using your boat for fishing and watersports. A remote control allows you to lower and raise your boat with a button, making it easier to enjoy your time on the water. It is also a good idea to schedule bi-annual inspections for your Northern Palm Beach County boat lift to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. This satisfies warranty requirements, extends the life of your lift, and prevents future problems from occurring.