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Natural hot springs have always been a great place to relax, bathe and unwind. They are, basically water spas heated by the hot rock deep within the earth’s crust. Mother earth’s “hot tubs” have waters filled with dissolved minerals that soothe the skin and body. Some you can bathe in, others you can admire from afar. 

In this article from casino hign roller perks, we will be diving deep into the few most beautiful natural hot springs across the world.


Yangpachen Hot Springs

Yangpachen Hot Springs in Tibet, China are the highest altitude set of hot springs in the world. Residing among the peaks of the beautiful Himalayan Mountains, these naturally-heated waters exist 14,764 feet (4500 meters) above sea level, according to Tibet Travel. 

You can only imagine the breathtaking views. You’ll feel like you’ve entered a dream state surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Nyenchen Tangula Mountains and a sanctuary of steam arising from the 150-degree Fahrenheit waters. As one of the most beautiful geothermal locations in Tibet, these hot springs are a must for all travel enthusiasts out there searching for that sweet escape, it is loved by Steve McManaman wife for holidays.


Kurokawa Onsen

Japan is renowned for its vast variety of onsens — translating to hot springs — with over 2,300 to choose from! You’re sure to discover these naturally-heated pools to relax and unwind, no matter what region you visit, and you can even play games from the fastest paying online casino from this region.

Kurokawa Onsen, located in Kyushu, is one of Japan’s most attractive hot spring towns, according to the Japan Guide. Embrace yourself in Japanese culture as you take a dip in these naturally-heated waters, fueled by volcanic activity, embedded into caves, and surrounded by bamboo. 


Champagne Pool

The Wa-io-tapu, geothermal area in New Zealand translates to sacred waters in Māori. The Champagne Pool derives its name from the carbon dioxide gas that exists inside the 213-foot-wide (65 meters) spring making it bubble just like a bottle of champers. Unfortunately, you can’t swim in these waters as they reach extortionate temperatures of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, but you won’t be disappointed by what meets the eye with these vibrant colourful waters.



The healing hot springs at Pamukkale in Turkey are inspirational according to the Journal of Nomads. Pamukkale translates to the cotton castle in English and when you visit these hot springs you’ll understand why. 

As one of Turkey’s top attractions, it’s no wonder this beauty is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 17 cascading pools flow downhill in the River Menderes Valley with the highest pool said to be the waters in which Goddess Cleopatra bathed herself. Now that’s a hot spring you should be visiting.