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Still, it’s its municipalities, If there’s commodity that makes Brittany special. municipalities where time stood still centuries agone .

French Brittany is a dream region whose villages feel to be taken from a puck tale. But there’s so important to see, enjoy and get to know, that it seems insolvable to choose just a many places to enjoy all its charm. Do you want to come with us on a small route?

The unmissable villages of French Brittany

French Brittany is littered with awful little medieval municipalities. These are some that you shouldn’t miss, although surely if you dare to visit this region you’ll discover numerous others for yourself. Let’s start!


Without a mistrustfulness, it’s one of the most photogenic settings in Brittany thanks to its castle. A castle that dates back to the 11th century and that retains its drawbridge. And do not miss its Notre- Dame church, a beautiful illustration of Flamboyant Gothic.

But no, the charms of Vitre don’t end then. We recommend that you let yourself be carried down by its medieval alleys, adjoined by half- timbered houses. There will be times when you will not know if the structures you see and the thoroughfares you walk on are real or a stage.


On the props of the ocean is this beautiful city. Of her it’s necessary to punctuate its walls, erected in the fourteenth century. But that walled megacity, the ville- close, is actually an island. An inconceivable place where there are, at whose bases, in the harborage, we can still see small multicolored boats fixed.

And then too it’s worth getting lost and wandering erratically through its narrow cobbled thoroughfares. You’ll discover traditional shops or small treasures similar as Saint- Guenole forecourt or the Château de Keriolet.


Still, this is the place you’re looking for, If you dream of an idyllic place in which to take dream prints. It has a fort that can be seen from hence and that formerly immerses you in the magic of this inconceivable city. And it’s that Josselin is suitable to transport you in time.

In the Saint- Croix neighborhood you’ll see beautiful half- timbered gravestone houses with flowers adorning their sundecks. The oldest dates back to 1536 no less. You will be breathless!

Rochefort en- Terre

What comes to mind when you suppose of a medieval city? Surely cobblestone thoroughfares, gravestone and rustic houses, flowers far and wide. Well, that place you have in your imagination is this beautiful city. Be sure to visit the castle demesne, the medieval church and its wall.

But above all, don’t repel walking through its thoroughfares. Rochefort- en- Terre will surprise you with its awful colour, the fruit of the flowers with which it’s adorned at any time of the time, anyhow of the cold or the heat. And its Breton craft shops give the place an indeed more magical touch.


Noway has a argentine city reached similar beauty. And it’s that the highlight of this small Breton city is the material with which its houses are erected determinedness. This is so because in the area there was a great product of this gravestone, largely valued centuries agone .

determinedness was an precious material, but the flax and hemp trade brought substance to the city. still, this trade stopped growing in the 17th century and Locronan stopped in time. commodity that we’re thankful for now, because that way we can enjoy it.

Pont Aven

The name comes from its ground that crosses the River Aven, and it differs from other municipalities for the light color of its houses, for the nature that surrounds the swash and, of course, for its notorious eyefuls.

They say that it’s one of the municipalities with the most beautiful light in the world. So much so that Gauguin boasted of having been inspired by him for his great workshop. Or at least that is what the locals say. The verity is that we believe it when we know this beautiful city.


The harborage trade gave it great substance for centuries, and this is reflected in its palaces and its half- timbered palaces. And they aren’t many, because in this city there are nearly two hundred of these unique homes.

But in Vannes there’s much further. Then you can respect one of the stylish saved walls in France, or a beautiful 15th century edifice. Everything, without forgetting that harborage to which it owes so important.

Do you formerly know where to start your stint of French Brittany? Take good note of these municipalities and don’t miss any. Although we recommend that you let yourself go erratically and surely you’ll discover numerous further.