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Travel Trends For 2017

There are trends in fashion, but also in the world of travel. Experts has compiled the eight largest travel trends for 2017. The experts were based on data, opinions, preferences, customer recommendations and their own knowledge. Discover what will be the trends that will mark our travels next year.

1. Traveling technology

The technology will provide immediate satisfaction traveler. In addition, the immediacy. 44% expect to plan your vacation through your mobile, and 52% believe that use more applications travel during 2017. The technology will solve the problems that can arise during a trip and give answers to the moment.

Travel Trends For 2017
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2. Business and leisure travel

The trips that combine business and leisure are growing. These types of travel gain value by adding leisure. 46% of travelers who traveled business thinks will make it even more in 2017. In addition, 49% of business travelers extend their stay to enjoy some of the destination. And as a curiosity, indicate that 30% would accept a job with a salary lower if it will mean more business travel.

3. Adventurous travelers

In 2017 there will be more travelers exploring the world and its more adventurous side. 45% want to be more daring in choosing the destination of their next vacation and 47% would like to meet and visit places that do not know their friends. 56% of travelers want to make independent trips next year. Among the preferred destinations of Spanish notably Brazil, India, United States, China and Thailand. And to enjoy the adventure, they prefer places like Tanzania, Russia, Bulgaria, Iceland and Mexico.

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4. Relaxing holidays

Traveling has become the best stimulant to improve mood and health. 48% of respondents believe that the holidays are a perfect time to make decisions and think time. There will be more and more travelers who give priority to relaxing trips. 38% want to care for their health and welfare during journeys made during 2017. 51% think it should take more holidays than the previous year. Wellness travel will be on the rise in 2017.

5. Sustainable travel

36% of travelers plans to choose more friendly travel environment and the planet and 39% of people are interested in the eco tour. With these data it is reflected that future travelers are concerned and respect the environment of the destination they visit. The stay in green hotels is fashionable and many respondents are in favor of tax rebates for sustainable travel.

6. Less purchases

58% of respondents plan to spend money to their travel experiences instead of spending on purchases. This indicates that travelers in 2017 preferred simple pleasures. Only 10% say they need a butler or a concierge to enjoy their travels. Luxury goods grooming are essential for just 13% of travelers.

7. The Importance of Human Relations

The possibility of having friendly relations during the holidays of 2017 will be an upward trend. 42% of travelers said not stay in a place with a staff that was not helpful and friendly. 40% of respondents indicated that they would not stay in one place with three more negative comments. The human factor will be a key to travel next year.

8. Travel of the future

More adventurous travelers begin to feel some attraction for travel to other world. 44% of them imagine a future where they can enjoy a vacation in places far away from the galaxy, on other planets or in the depths of the ocean. Increasingly, this type of travel, such as space tourism, is a reality.

Discovering unexplored places, meeting different people and cultures, and challenging new boundaries have always been central themes in our motivation to travel, and 2017 is shaping up to be a very exciting year.