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Dinosaurs exist. And they are in Teruel … They exist in the bones that form immense and unique skeletons, in the deposits with important discoveries, in the fossils of eggs, in the mechanical reproductions, in their recreations in 3D and 4D that almost allow us to touch the dinosaurs with the hands, to feel their breath.

Teruel is a land of dinosaurs and we will see them on our visit to Dinópolis, an unforgettable family trip for children and adults, that make us feel part of “Jurassic Park”, “Dinotrén”, “Jurassic World”, “El Mundo Lost”, “A million years ago” or any other fantasy and very special, because you live in the first person.

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A journey through time

Since we entered Dinópolis Teruel it seems that we moved in time, with the walls full of fossils. We began the adventure precisely in the montage “Journey in time”, where thanks to a protected vehicle, and after the warnings of not feeding the dinosaurs, we travel a thematic space full of special effects and animations, with dinosaurs that they go out to meet and some small fright.

We continue our journey introducing ourselves to a new journey in time. On this occasion, in a 3D movie theater we accompany a small dinosaur, Tiron, in his adventures for a fascinating and dangerous world.

In the Paleontological Museum of Teruel we travel different rooms, more than 3,000 square meters of exhibition with fossils from different places of the planet and where it is possible to see the scientists work. In the museum, we find original fossils, replicas, games and audiovisuals combine to offer an exceptional ride through paleontology.

Among the stars of the Museum are the original bones of Turiasaurus riodevensis, the largest dinosaur in Europe and one of the largest in the world, nearly 40 meters long and 40 tons in weight. Alternatively, the first original dinosaur skeleton mounted in Spain, corresponding to Proa valdearinnoensis (pictured above), found in Val de Ariño, in the province of Teruel, where there is another Dinópolis Territory.

We also tour different times in “The Last Minute”, a recreation that extends from the time of the disappearance of the dinosaurs to the appearance of Homo sapiens. Through a canal and mounted on a boat, we advance through different rooms that recreate the corresponding fauna and flora in a reliable way.

“Terra Colossus” is a 4D virtual simulator that takes us to another incredible journey in time, the “Dino Safari”, when in a theme park to the stadium “Jurassic World” things are not as controlled as the dinosaurs look and chase us, you have to hold on tight because curves come!

We went to the playground where they would enjoy The Flintstones, La Paleosenda, which combines outdoor wood and water games, skill circuits with specially themed areas, a paleontological camp in which to unearth dinosaur bones or get into a reptilian egg …

If you go with children to Dinópolis you cannot miss the Saurio Park, where several attractions for different ages are waiting: the Troncopista, the Brontosaurus, the Dinovivo …

One of the novelties of Dinópolis in 2015 is the “Tierra Magna” space, where we can admire the dimensions of the largest dinosaur in Europe and we have already known in the Museum, the Turiasaurus riodevensis, 30 meters long and between 30-40 Tons of weight. We also see a bronze reproduction of the front leg of this European giant and little by little will be added dinosaurs that inhabited millions of years ago in the area to be able to have them at hand, or lie down at his feet and immortalize the moment.

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The shows in Dinópolis

Special mention should be made of the various Dinópolis shows, with careful assembly and elaboration, with an important acting work and, in short, a bill that surprises small and old. The actors introduce you to the different stories that combine acting and technology and there is more to see the faces of surprise of the children to check the fascination they feel.

The novelties of this year 2015 are “Face to Face”, a show based on an interactive infographic system “Avatar live” and that surprises the children with their mixture of fiction and reality. We see how a megacarnivorous dinosaur comes to life and the public is part of the show.

If we go to the show “T-rex”, we find one of the most sophisticated animatronics in the world. Thanks to Japanese technology, a Tyrannosaurus rex (superior photo) is recreated, which becomes the protagonist of a montage that reveals how the world inhabited these animals, introducing us to a dream with a lot of adventure.

Other shows more focused on the children’s audience are the puppets of “Turol Jones and the Time Machine” and the musical show “The Club of Paleontologists”, or the amazing black theater show “Un mundo soñado”.

Tips for visiting Dinópolis

In Dinópolis Teruel you can spend a whole day perfectly. We were lucky to go on a busy day, so we were able to repeat attractions without problem and without waiting long lines. On weekends, there will always be more crowds. Take advantage to go early, when there are fewer people.

It is important to plan well what we are going to do during the day so that we do not miss any spectacle. Many activities have continuous passes, but in others, there is an established schedule. At the entrance we are provided with a map showing the schedules of all attractions and shows.

Speaking of schedules, as you have to eat in the park, I recommend you advance the meal time. If we wait at two or three o’clock in the afternoon, we are more likely to meet long lines. Another option is to spend the day with snacks from different vending machines or coffee shops …