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More and more people decide to take the train that leaves from the center of Chongqing and, after a trip that takes about 30 minutes to reach County Fulin, visit there China-816 or 816 Nuclear Military Plant a military nuclear plant until very recently it had a secret location: the project was not declassified until April 2002.

Nuclear Tourism? Yes, you can.

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The nuclear museum

Besides being a secret facility where nuclear weapons were conceived during the Cold War, it is also one of the largest artificial caves in the world. Not surprisingly, it occupies 104,000 square meters underground, with 130 galleries and 18 large rooms communication. In these facilities built in 1967 worked more than 60,000 soldiers and operatives before its closure in 1984. The largest artificial cave has a height of 79.6 m and is approximately equal to that of a 20 – store building.

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To make more immersive experience, there is a museum with original objects such as gas masks and even tubes containing a liquid green that simulate the bars of plutonium stored here. There are also laboratories and other facilities that make us remember a science fiction movie. All this closed behind a thick and heavy steel door.

There’s even a life-size replica of the first atomic bomb built by China and was detonated during a nuclear test in 1964. Nuclear Tourism? If possible. More onĀ