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Festa da flor

Madeira was known for many years as “the island of flowers”. The flowers have always had a vital importance for the inhabitants of the island. From 4 to 21 May is celebrated the Festa da flor, a party full of flowers and color. Madeira celebrates the arrival of spring with a festival worthy of being visited.

Madeira was known for a long time, abroad, as “island of flowers”. This was due to its location; the island was an important port of call for routes between Europe, African countries and the American continent. Upon his arrival, the visitors were amazed by the florists who sold flowers in the streets and the abundance of flowers that were in the surroundings.

The Flower Festival is one of the biggest celebrations in Madeira, it is a tribute to the spring, the island, the fertility, the metamorphosis, the rebirth and the abundance of flowers that perfume and adorn the environment. This holiday is one of the biggest tourist claims of the island. This year is celebrated from 4 to 21 May. The origin of the party dates back to 1954. It began to celebrate because a large part of the islanders were dedicated to the cultivation of flowers and that led to an event to expose their flowers.

Festa da flor
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Every year there are different interesting events such as the Children’s Parade, a parade where the children of the island parade, dressed for the occasion. They parade to the Praça do Municipio to create a beautiful mural of flowers symbolically called the “Wall of Hope”. There is also a great parade called the Parade of the Flower, it is a cavalcade with allegorical floats full of flowers and color. The participants wear costumes decorated with flowers and perform various choreographies accompanied by cheerful musical themes.

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The Flower Market is celebrated since 2007. The countless floral and decorative species on the island are revealed. This market also allows visitors to purchase flowers from the traditional vendors called “Madeiran Florists”, who are dressed in regional costumes.

The Exhibition of Flowers and Workshops is held in the center of the city of Funchal in the Praça do Povo. This exhibition is an extension of the exhibition of the Ateneo Comercial de Funchal (which was created in the fifties). This event allows you to observe and evaluate the most beautiful examples of flowers produced in Madeira. The flowers of the exhibition are awarded in different categories by a jury.

The carpets and floral decorations is one of the attractions that most calls the attention to the tourists who visit the Flower Festival. This tradition deals with the elaboration of floral carpets, and has its origin in the decoration of religious processions. These magnificent pieces of floral art are located on Avenida Arriaga. A perfect party for flower lovers.