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Canada can be best described on its diverse landscapes and stylish cities.  Despite the numerous things that it can offer to all types of travellers, this place is frequently skipped during world trip which is just too unfortunate.  The huge land area of the country combined with the simple process of Visa acquisition makes it an ideal destination for everyone.  But no matter how great a country is, your experience will not be satisfying if you failed to do a proper planning. The best place to start with your planning is to get your flights booked. Cheap flights can be easily found throughout the internet. For those who are planning on their budget, this article will guide you.

Average Cost of a Vacation in Canada

Planning your travel budget will include the place where you are planning to stay, the food, transportation and your travel itinerary.  In terms of accommodation, the rate can vary contingent upon the city.  Generally, expect to pay at least $25 when renting on a hostel.    For a budget hotel, the rate can start at about $50.  For larger and more expensive cities such as Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver the rate can increase exponentially and unpredictably.  For a shared room, the charge may start at $25, and the apartment can cost more than $60.  Smaller community will also have a cheaper accommodation option.  Canadians are very friendly, so never hesitate to listen to their recommendations about the perfect place to stay.

For those who want a cheaper form of accommodation, camping grounds are also located all over the country.    Prices can vary depending on the city but expect to pay $10-$25 every night.    Most of the campground will be fully-booked so be sure to make a reservation in advance.

The cost of food will be lower than the average especially if you choose to cook on your own.  Dining on a restaurant may cost at $10-$30.  Fast food and sandwich shop will cost $10.  Cooking on your own will only cost you $40-$60 per week.

For your mode of transportation, it is highly recommended to rent a car, Canada is a huge country, and it can be quite difficult to explore without car.  If you are only planning to travel within a certain city, the public transportation is very convenient within the border of the city.  Railway station can be used when travelling across the nation, but it can be pricey.  Megabus is also available, but this is not a convenient form of travelling on long distance.  Rent-a-car can cost $25-$60 per day which is more affordable.

When it comes to your outdoor activities during your vacation to Canada, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, canoeing and skiing are some of the favourite of the tourists.  Cost of the average activity can amount to $20-$100.

The above cost of travelling will help you prepare for your vacation in Canada and plan accordingly on your travel budget.