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Today, is one of the most widely read blogs in world, so if you are looking for a way to reach a larger audience to publicize your project, you are a blogger who is starting and wants to learn more on how to write quality content and grow your blog or you simply want to share your experiences with thousands of people, then you have reached the right place.

This is what we are looking for…

  • 100% Original Content
  • Articles of at least 1,500 Words
  • Informative but entertaining text
  • If possible, 2 photographs with the corresponding copyright of at least 1950X1200. (That is, you took them, you have the authorization of the identifiable people, who appear in them and we can use them freely.)

Each article we publish in teaches people some of the following things:

  • What to see or do in a specific city
  • How to set up a route or itinerary for a country
  • Tips and tips to save money before going on a trip
  • Practical advice to visit a country or city for the first time
  • Practical advice for organizing a trip (What to pack, how to find plane tickets, visas, vaccinations … etc.)

These are the types of items we are looking for:

Share what to do in a city, country or region.

If you have traveled or consider yourself an expert in the city then share your experience with other people. We want useful articles in planning itineraries of what to see in a specific destination.

  • Give recommendations of the best or the must of the destination, where and what to eat, how to transport yourself and also lodging. Consider that many people have a short vacation period so try to summarize the best in a few days.
    Example: What to visit in Florence in 2 days
  • Give options of itineraries or routes to travel a country on your own.
    Example: How to tour Italy in 10 days on your own
  • Gives specific tips to save money in a city or country and not so easy is found on the internet
    Example: How to save money in New York
  • Help first-time travelers and write those tips that you would have liked to know the first time you traveled to a destination.
    Example: 22 Tips for traveling to Rome for the first time

Share your experience as an expert traveler.

Do you know any tips to find plane tickets, hotels, tours or how to better pack a suitcase? This information is welcome. Open your knowledge to the world and help other travelers to provide them with the opportunity to travel, the more specific, clear and detailed you are, the better.

For any quarry, feel free to contact us.