9 Destinations For 9 Moods

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Each trip is undoubtedly influenced by the spirit with which we undertake it, by our mood of the moment and by what we want to leave behind for a while. Some destinations are more suitable than others to welcome us if we get there with a certain mental predisposition, so do a self-examination on your current situation and on what you would like to ask your destination and then read our advice.

Guatemala: If you you need new stimuli and adventure

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With mysterious historical sites immersed in a dense jungle, a large placid lake, high volcanoes that stand out against the sky, picturesque villages and markets, wild beaches and friendly people, Guatemala is a perfect antidote to the monotony of everyday life and an irresistible mix for who is looking for inspiration, energy, ideas for the future. A lively but unobtrusive country, which leaves room for thinking but also to embark on extraordinary businesses and feel a little explorers in the intricate Mayan universe. Without a doubt, you will return home with the recharged batteries!

San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily: If you have just been left

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Last year, from the survey of the online dating site C-Date San Vito was the second hottest summer destination for singles looking for adventures. Perhaps your mind will still be tormented by the former and the mood will not be the best, but sun, sea, good food and many young people with desire to have fun would raise the moral even the most gloomy. Far from the excesses of Gallipoli or Rimini, but with the right mix of natural wonders and proposals for all tastes, you will return the desire to live and appreciate the pleasures of life. If you spend in September, do not miss the Couscous Festival!

Folegandros, Greece: If you are in love and want to make a romantic couple getaway

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When you’re in love, the only thing that matters is spending time with your partner. If then you are surrounded by a crystalline sea, a luxuriant nature, the stars that shine and the only background of the waves crashing on the coast, without hordes of tourists in the neighborhood, then the picture becomes absolutely heavenly. It ‘what could happen if you choose as a destination for your holidays Folegandros, small pearl of the Cyclades. Not having an airport, it has been spared from mass tourism and has kept its natural heritage intact; so small that you do not need anything other than your own legs to travel it, it will enchant you with its magnificent beaches and the atmosphere out of time still typical of some areas of the Mediterranean.

Tarifa, Spain: If you are looking for new friends

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A small center of Andalusia, in the extreme south of Spain and reaching out to Morocco, where surfers are at home as well as foreigners eager to learn a little Spanish, thanks to the high number of language schools present here. The center of Tarifa is collected and very nice and in the summer becomes a swarm of people and parties that create a perfect atmosphere for new acquaintances; get ready to make friends every night with different people and throw yourself in the waves with your table, because a surf or windsurfing course is the perfect opportunity to make new friends. But if you are anti-sports do not worry: even a ride for bars will be fine!

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Burma: If you want to disconnect from the technology

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If you are irremediably dependent on your smartphone, email or WhatsApp, what it takes is a drastic solution: a “dead zone” where the mobile phone does not take, where the connection is so slow that even the most ardent ones desist or where The Internet does not even know what it is. Fortunately, these destinations exist, although they are increasingly rare: Burma, for example, still (for a while) far from globalization even in terms of web and mobile (foreigners do not work here, so you can leave it at home!) a nostalgic and intense country, to visit with slow rhythms and open mind. Without going so far, we recommend Kent or Sussex in Great Britain, regions where the green of the countryside and the tranquility of the villages encourage to switch off the mobile phone.

Koh Samui, Thailand: If you are traveling with friends and you just want to party

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In the Gulf of Thailand there are various islands, all absolutely worthy of a visit. Kho Pha Ngan, with his legendary Full Moon Party, would be the most obvious answer for those who ask for a party. But since we are not fans of exaggerated parties, those that do not take into account the beauty of the place, the local culture and common sense, we recommend the nearby Koh Samui. Beautiful in the same way, but with something for everyone: from the area of ​​clubs and discos, to alternative and hippie beach bars , to villages with delicious fish restaurants. A perfect island for a holiday with friends, from which you can also take a wonderful hike to Koh Tao, a mecca for divers.

Budapest, Hungary: If you are tired and stressed and want to rest and take care of yourself

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The Paris of the East, besides being a splendid city, is also one of the most renowned spas. Here the bathrooms are not only wellness centers, but also real meeting places for families and friends and magnificent architectural evidence. The best? The bright Gellért Baths (Gellért Fürdő), the Szechenyi neobaroons, the Rudas, a beautiful 19th century Turkish bath with original Ottoman architectural elements. Once you are relaxed, give time for the historical and cultural beauties of this Danube Queen.

Orleans, France: If you are looking for spirituality

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In the romantic valley of the Loire, 100 km south of Paris, lies this beautiful old country house which is the seat of  Sivananda Yoga Ashram, a great center where you can meditate, practice yoga, study and relax. The landscape inspires feelings of calm and joy and, besides doing yoga, you could spend your time walking, swimming, cycling and of course visiting the fabulous Castles of the Loire. Accommodation for overnight stays are numerous, from single or double rooms to dorms to the space for tents in the garden, as well as lesson levels. A highly recommended holiday not only for the spirit but also for the eyes, which here can be filled with beauty, and for the palate, satisfied by the French gastronomic delights.

Amalfi Coast: If you want to give yourself to the pleasures of good food

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An evergreen that never goes out of fashion: because the Amalfi Coast is beautiful, poetic, unforgettable, true as the pizza that is consumed here in large quantities. From the scent of lemons to that of tomatoes, from the intense flavor of anchovies to the smoked provola, the whole area is an explosion of smells, flavors and colors that blend in a palette of infinite beauty. Enjoy the breathtaking views, take a bath in the transparent waters, stroll through the streets of Amalfi and, as soon as you can, stop at one of the many bars, pizzerias, restaurants and kiosks. Taking a break for a snack will become the most enjoyable action in the world!

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