Safari Park

How Safari Tourism is Helping to Protect Endangered Animals in Africa

Many people have watched wildlife documentaries , in crystal clear images thanks to TV Aerial Installation Cheltenham companies like and have seen the world in which some incredibly beautiful animals live. Most of these…

tree house

When we slept in a tree house!

Tree house-How many times have you wished when you were a child to sleep in a tree hut? We made this dream come true. Today we explain how was our stay in Cabanes als arbres.

organize a safari

How to Organize a Safari for Africa

First of all, be aware of where you are going and what it means to go on organize a safari. If you are used to the comforts and everything goes according to plan, it is time…

Signature Safari

Southern Africa Signature Safari – 15 Days

Our 15-day Signature Safari represents what Wild Wings Safaris considers to be an ideal safari itinerary on a medium budget within a limited time frame, covering some of the top safari destinations in Southern Africa.