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Okavango Delta Fact

Like the water lily from which it takes its inspiration, &Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta fact nestles deep in the heart of the game-rich Okavango Delta fact,

&Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta fact offers a beautiful Botswana safari experience. And enjoys luxurious solitude on its own Delta island within a 272 000 hectare (672 125 acre) exclusive wildlife concession. With only nine tents, this intimate camp offers an exclusive experience steeped in the wonder. And magic of this extraordinary ecosystem.

Depending on the season you can float gently along clear, intricate channels. And explore the myriad islands of the Delta or embark on exception game drives from the light and airy base of this ethereal camp.


best Okavango Delta Fact

Game drives, bush walks, scenic helicopter flights and horseback safaris allow you to explore this beautiful area from different perspectives.

  • Exceptional wildlife, including elephant, large buffalo herds, tsessebe, hippo, lion, leopard, African wild dog and roan antelope
  • Remarkable bird-watching with 450 bird species, including Pel’s Fishing Owl. Vast number of migrant birds in summer.
  • Wonderful setting for health and relaxation
  • Seasonal water-based experiences include motorized boating, mokoro trips and fishing excursions
  • Perfect for an end to a safari, nature lovers, birders, return travellers, couples, families, anyone looking for a change of pace.


top Okavango Delta Fact

In the midst of the Delta, surrounded by a mosaic of papyrus and reed beds, &Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta fact provides an exceptional Botswana safari experience. With sweeping views opening up onto a seasonal lagoon. This serene and isolated Camp combines the best of what the Okavango has to offer.

Layered guest areas look out onto classic Delta silhouettes. Connect with friends and family in the spacious games area. Or treasure quiet moments in one of our secluded reading spots. Puddles of shade invite you to indulge in dreamy moments on a carefully placed mokoro bench. Share stories over the flavours of delicious meals in the open sided dining room. Or give in to the romance of African nights spent around a roaring fire under starry skies in our open air boma. A fully-stocked Safari Shop offers chic outdoor gear, African art and jeweler.


The Okavango Delta is a hard-to-beat wildlife destination. A spectacular, remote wilderness. It’s where age-old battles between predator and prey play out before you. Soak up the drama on 4X4 game drives. Guided island walks, boating safaris and canoe trips. It’s also a destination that combines easily with Botswana’s other prime game viewing areas such as the Chobe National Park, the Linyanti swamps. And the Kalahari as well as Victoria Falls. Tees are destinations that are often part of our Okavango Delta tours.

Yet despite the wild nature of an Okavango Delta tour. There’s plenty of comfort to be enjoyed at the Delta’s excellent safari lodges and tented camps. Several of which rank among the most luxurious and romantic in Southern Africa.

Our selection of Okavango Delta tours and safaris is hugely varied and caters for time and budget constraints as well as a variety of interests. If you can’t find the one you want, rest assured that one of our Africa Safari Experts will tailor-make the perfect Okavango Delta tour for you.


best Okavango Delta Fact

Discover Africa’s Eden on an Okavango Delta tour with Springbok Atlas. The Okavango River, known as ‘the river which never finds the sea’ spills its waters over the Kalahari Desert sands. And forms the world’s largest inland delta. A spellbinding maze of lagoons, islands and waterways providing an extraordinary 6000 square mile oasis for vast herds of elephant, buffalo, zebra. And hundreds of other species of mammals and birds.

Some of the most rewarding game viewing opportunities on an Okavango Delta safari are water-based, from traditional dugout canoes called mokoros. Or motorboat. Land-based game viewing will give you a chance to walk in the wild on some of the islands under the protection of a professional guide.


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Botswana is one of the countries I was most excited to visit in 2018 and it was one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. Wild elephants roam the highways, hippos inhabit the rivers and you may even be joined by a baboon. Or two while you cross the border. But the real highlight of our Botswana trip was the Okavango Delta fact.

Although every safari destination is different, Botswana really is one of a kind. It has some of the friendliest people, safest streets. And the people really live at one with nature. It’s a one of a kind trip – and many travelers pay over the odds to experience its uniqueness.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure it’s completely worth it. The lodges we saw looked incredible, sprinkled along the edge of the Delta. But at $2000 per night. It’s not something the average human being will ever be able to afford.

Given the sky high prices of staying in an Okavango Delta lodge. It’s no surprise I assumed going on safari was only for rich people. It was only when I moved to South Africa for three months that I realized how affordable a safari could be, especially if you’re willing to self drive.

And while some safari destinations are definitely going to make a bigger dent in your travel budget than others. Botswana isn’t completely inaccessible to people like you and me.


If you’re willing to put in a little bit of work, visiting the Okavango Delta fact can be surprisingly affordable.

By work, I mean a little bit of organization and forward planning, a fair amount of 4×4 driving and a lot of courage if the thought of bush camping scares you. The good news is it probably won’t scare you as much as it scared me.


Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Fact

One of the great things about the Okavango Delta fact is that, like many African safari spots, you can see it all by yourself. All you need is a 4×4 and enough fuel to make sure you won’t get stuck!

Aside from the car you’re driving, the only cost of visiting is the park entrance fees. Entrance to Modem Game Reserve, where we camped, costs aroun$11.49 per person per day. It’s almost impossible to visit in just one day, but even a 3-day trip will set you back less than $30 in total!

Once inside the park, you have access to all the same roads and trails as the safari companies that operate there. That means you can visit the exact same areas and have the chance to see the same wildlife, including lions, leopards and elephants.

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