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Although it can feel quite bleak at the moment better times are on the way, and one of the best ways to spot this is to get out and about and enjoy the signs from nature that brighter and happier days are coming.

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Getting some walking maps and going on nature walks are a great way to relax and unwind, as well as to learn about the nature and wildlife in your local area that is just beginning to stir and wake up as the seasons change.

One of the most relaxing and soothing things you will see on your walk are trees – there are many types of tree native to the British Isles – here are just a few of the trees that you might see…

Alder – This is a hardy tree, and it loves the water – it can usually be found growing in areas like riverbanks and flood plains, and because of its special ability to become harder in water rather than rotting it was often favoured by ship builders years ago.

Ash – One of the most common trees and a big part of the British landscape, this beautiful tree has long been revered, and the ancient druids and celts held ceremonies around it believing it to be the tree of life. Wildlife also enjoys the leafy canopy provided by the Ash tree. Sadly they have been affected by ash dieback and their future is under threat.

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Oak – This majestic tree is one of the quintessential trees of Britain and a mighty sight. Large and sturdy, the trees are associated with longevity and strength – you are likely to spot one whilst out and about as it is the second most common tree species in the UK.