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One before going on vacation and gave back pain in the ass to friends with a session of 300 photos posing in the most diverse sites. Those pictures you took them out others or were simply the landscape, but now is a sea of people with sticks in engaging mobile and then upload to social networks. It is seen that common sense every time we use less it is worth remembering 13 sites that do not get you out selfies.

1. Mumbai

The area promenade Mumbai is most typical to walk around and take pictures of the views. There is no express prohibition itself via law, but the police patrol to prevent people takes selfies as if there were no tomorrow. Reason? Nothing two young men drowned trying to get the best perspective and 40 percent of these deaths occur here.

2. Disney Parks

Let ‘s see, you can go to Disney theme parks and take a picture with Mickey, with Donald Duck, dressed prince (or princess of course) but save it stick in your backpack that forever. They started by ban on attractions and since then all the parks that of Snow White turn you and shake with its ugly thing.

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3. Lollapalooza

The first major festivals to ban sticks yore. If you go to Chicago at Lollapalooza for photo or stretch your arm or you ask someone like before. Certainly are also prohibited drugs, aerosols and skateboards.

4. The Forbidden City – Beijing

As you can think out a selfie stick l backpack in Forbidden City of Beijing will fall on you suddenly a lot of officers. It’s too crowded at times and too distrustful of their antiques. If the total will serves as serves thousands of heads.

5. South Korea

In South Korea is also not forbid you take out the photo itself, the problem comes with the sticks “unregistered”. I mean, they are attached to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and as they are a communication system, so no obligation to follow them up. In northern neighbors no longer we speak.

6. Lake Tahoe – USA

The issue with natural parks is not itself with autophotos via stick, but rather with the moment, you choose: do not turn your back on a bear for uploading to Instagram. Lake Tahoe is one of many who expressly notified. I do not know, I see common sense, that a bear or a bison are very large.

7. Van Gogh Museum – Amsterdam

I am one of those who think that look, if you want a picture of a picture postcard you buy in the store, they are not to admire and take pictures. The thing is that the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has a history of back and forth with the prohibitions Photo: now there, now, now do not even think to stick. Good for them.

8. Mecca – Saudi Arabia

As must – pilgrimage once in your life for Muslims is starting to have protests with youth and new technologies in Mecca: selfie photo and social networking. Among the crowded and that the photos on sacred sites go against the principles of Islamic modesty, you do not even think.

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9. Garoupe Beach – France

When you go to the beach let yourself wanting to selfie at home. No “here suffering” category unless your feet full of sand, because Garoupe beach, in southern France, are more than banned long because they ruin the experience relaxing beach. The French are like that, and look, others do not have to worry about getting lorza be all the time.

10. San Fermin – Pamplona – Spai

See, falling drawer as not to take pictures with bears: one morlaco 600 kilos at a constant speed is not a friend of a foreigner with a mobile. The fines are being Pamplona to unconscious are still very heavy, and I will not be saying that they do not deserve.

11. Coliseum – Rome – Italy

We return to the hackneyed common sense: what they stretch the stick in a hyper-touristed monument is not, which is dangerous for everyone, let alone what they did some girls do not have much of recorded his initials on the stone and removed the photos to social networks. Respect to Coliseum Romano that lions ate people.

12. Croatia

The cliffs of the Croatian coast are a delight to the eye, but the service mountain rescue of Croatia is a little tired of going to rescue tourists no longer be removed “stupid selfies” so let them case takes a picture your life but behind the gate.

13. MET – New York – USA

We return to a single museum customize what many are doing. Go to Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and enjoy all the wonders including, but if you want the selfie gouge in the door as did the girls ‘Gossip Girl’.

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