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If your leased van breaks down, the action you should take will depend on the terms outlined in your lease agreement and the policies of the company.

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Safety first is the priority

Ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers, first and foremost. If possible, move the van to a safe place, such as the side of the road, and turn on your hazard lights.

Contact the leasing company immediately

Telephone your leasing company as soon as possible. An adviser will provide guidance on the next steps. You can find the contact information in your lease agreement or any provided documentation.

Many leasing companies offer roadside assistance as part of their service. If this is the case, contact the number given to you by the company. They can arrange for towing, recovery, or on-the-spot repairs.

Will I benefit from a temporary vehicle?

Some lease agreements include provisions for a temporary replacement if your leased van is out of service for an extended period due to a breakdown. Check your lease agreement to see if coverage is provided. If you require van rental Bristol, there are a number of specialists who provide this service including https://www.autolynecarvanrental.

Van rental is popular among all groups of people including adventurers. Gear Patrol has some tips on van rentals for those who love the spirit of adventure.

Always take photographs and document your breakdown

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Take photographs or make notes about the breakdown, especially if there is visible damage. This documentation may be useful for insurance or liability purposes. If your leasing company does not provide roadside assistance, services from top brands such as AA or Green Flag can help with recovery and repairs. Remember that communication with the leasing company is key to ensuring a smooth resolution to the situation.