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New England

New York, Los Angeles, Miami or Chicago. These are the first names to come to mind when planning a trip to the United States. These are undoubtedly legendary cities, places of worship, the classic places that everyone should see at least in time in life.

Yet the USA, bound and sculpted in our memory by the wise hand of dozens of famous directors and photographers, are the cradle of many other places perhaps less mainstream but equally extraordinary.

This is the case of New England, a vast region at the eastern end of the eastern United States that includes Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Surrounded by ocean and mountain ranges, especially in the fall this legendary land offers some of the most fascinating landscapes of all of North America.

New England
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The hillsides of its mountains are colored red, yellow and orange; the green hills soften the passage to the wild, jagged coastline, which has become famous for the famous solitary lights that stand against the wild waves of the Atlantic.

Despite the rather stormy weather, abundant rainfall and oceanic wind, even during the colder seasons New England is the preferred destination for many categories of travelers and tourists. The hinterland is covered with hiking trails and hikers’ camps, while the highest peaks are beaten by winter sports practitioners, with many ski lifts and facilities, especially on Green Mountains and Appalachi.

Along the coast, there are numerous sports centers that gather enthusiasts and practitioners of the most diverse aquatic disciplines, including swimming, racing, fishing and surfing.

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New England
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Boston is the metropolitan landmark of all New England and is a compulsory stage for those travelers who in the wild mountains would prefer to dive into the culture of one of the oldest cities in the United States. It was the scene of some important events of the American Revolution, especially Charlestown, a separate common time and today conventionally considered the “historic center” of the metropolis. Here you can admire the Bunker Hill Monument, a famous obelisk built after the same Battle that was crucial during the American War of Independence.

New England is famous for its lively musical scene. From Boston, the indie rock realm, you go to Maine, the land of blues, passing through Newport and Lowell folk festivals to classical music concerts in Rockport.

It is also a region of great artistic and cultural profile, having given birth to many famous writers, poets and American writers – including Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Lowell, Stephen King and Howard Phillips Lovecraft – and being home to some museums of contemporary art of international fame, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Good forks will also find a small paradise in New England. Its history and its geographical location are the two main reasons for the development of a culinary culture of strong and independent identity.

New England
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Enriched by a full-featured billboard throughout the solar year, the food and wine industry in this region has undergone the influences of many other kitchens over the years and would today envy Europe. The Maine lobsters, oysters from Wellfleet, beer Vermont, famous pancakes with maple syrup and cheese cheddar farms in New Hampshire make New England a paradise for the taste buds of travelers around the world.

Before filling the luggage and looking for a flight to Boston, it’s good to remember that for US travel, you need to get permission from the US Government through an electronic procedure to do online: The Esta.

The new system replaces the old tourist visa and is accessible to all travelers from certain countries, including Italian citizens, who have a valid passport. The successful outcome of the authorization request will allow you to travel to the States multiple times over two years, provided your stay is not longer than 90 days and travels exclusively for tourist or business reasons.

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