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If you are an adventure seeker, Estes Park in Colorado is the perfect vacation destination.

For adrenaline junkies, you must take the 1600 feet long zip line in Estes Park. You will be travelling at 40 mph, at 80 feet above ground and you will have the most amazing views as you are zipping along. There is a variety of other zipline rides at different heights, especially for the younger visitors. These are not so fast and they start at 18mph.

The next adrenaline filled adventure is much closer to ground. Whitewater rafting. Whitewater rafting companies will take you out on either the Colorado or Poudre rivers for the most thrilling ride on the river. There are different levels of difficulties along the river that will suit different groups.

Wildlife watching around the Colorado Rockies. Being surrounded by wild and untouched forests, the wildlife population around Estes Park is diverse and abundant. You can take a ranger-guided tour to spot elks or pick up a few tricks to spot signs of wildlife in the forest. There are educational classes that kids will love if they love animals. There is nothing like seeing eagles, coyotes, deer and bighorn sheep roaming around in the wild.

If you visit during the winter, lots of other adventures are on offer. You can snowshoe through the Rocky Mountain National Park. In the higher elevations, the snow is thick on the trails. These are the same trails that you would hike in the summer. There are trails for all abilities and fitness levels.

In the winter, it’s all different in the Colorado Rockies. You can go off the trail and walk across the frozen lakes. As snowshoers traverse across the lakes, they pack down the snow to make snow bridges. If you are unfamiliar with the trails, there are guided snowshoe tours. You can get a complete experience by booking through theĀ Next Adventure Company. They offer all-inclusive Colorado getaways.

When the mountains are covered with snow and ice, the ice adventures begin. Family fun activities like sledding and snow play can be found around Estes Park. Backcountry skiing is one of the more popular sports with

The daredevils might like to attempt ice climbing. Waterfalls will start to freeze over in winter. Snow falls, melts and freezes again. This repeated action creates these sheets of ice which attracts ice climbers. There are dozens of routes for ice climbing in the park. The most popular one is called Hidden Falls as it is easily accessible by ski or snowshoe. Climbers really like this climb as the ice forms consistently and the climb is moderate, that most can attempt it.

Other popular ice climbs are around Loch Vale. With names like Cold Storage, Womb with a View, The Crypt and Freezer Burn might sound terrifying but they are very popular with intermediate climbers.

Around Estes Park, backcountry skiing is very popular for the diehard skiers who want to carve fresh powder. There is no longer a lift to the top so skiers and snowboarders need to hike up to the top with all their gear.

At the peak, the skiers have the whole mountain to choose from. As there are no marked pistes, the thrill to carve the first trails into virgin snow is very compelling. This is not like skiing on marked ski runs. There are hidden cliffs and valleys. Skiers and snowboarders are also exposed to extreme weather changes. But if you are an ardent snow fan, there is nothing better than fresh powder snow.