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Ten Thousand Buddhas

We travel to Asia to discover a fascinating place that hides in Hong Kong, one of the most important regions of the Republic of China. The Monastery of the Ten Thousand Buddhas is a unique place of worship of the Buddhist religion, adorned with thousands of Buddha sculptures. Do you need information? Continue reading!

Monastery of the Ten Thousand Buddhas, the splendor of Buddhism in China

Ten Thousand Buddhas

The Monastery of the Ten Thousand Buddhas is a particular cult building. It is located in the area of ​​Sha Tin , on the outskirts of Hong Kong (China) and on the banks of the Shingn Mun River.

Its construction began in 1949 by order of the Buddhist preacher Yuet Kai. It was intended as a tribute to Buddha, the sage who founded the Buddhist religion, one of the most important in Asia.

The works ended in 1957. He did not want to build exactly a monastery with resident monks, but a place where he could show his devotion to the Buddha.

In fact, preacher Yuet Kai managed to gather almost 13,000 Buddha statues. Statues of all kinds that can be seen in the surroundings of the monastery, hence the name of the Monastery of the Ten Thousand Buddhas.

The thousands of statues extend around the eight hectares occupied by the monastery: on the stairs, the pavilions, the interior temples, the terraces.

But above all, it is in the pagoda of the monastery where most of this collection of Buddhas is centered . In fact, if you go up to the top of the pagoda you can enjoy some great views of the skyscrapers of Hong Kong , the forests and the mosaic of Buddhas.

Why is the monastery so special?

Visiting the monastery of the Ten Thousand Buddhas can become a unique experience. It is still a Buddhist temple different from those you can find in other regions of the continent.

And it is this immense collection of replicas and Buddha images that makes it a special place. It is a varied, traditional and at the same time eclectic collection. The sculptures have different sizes, colors and even representations.

In short, each piece is unique and different. There are statues with all kinds of clothes, in all kinds of postures and with the most varied expressions. But all of them represent the same thing: Buddha’s devotion and homage.

But besides that, the importance of the monastery lies in the great historical and cultural heritage that surrounds its eight hectares. Each Buddha tells his story, has his expression and looks . Something unique and different from the rest of Buddhist temples.

Practical information for the visit

Getting to the Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas is relatively simple. You can do it from Sha Tin, the district of Hong Kong, using public transport . You must use the light blue metro line. The trip takes approximately 20 minutes. If you stay in Hong Kong, getting there will be most comfortable.

The monastery is on top of a hill. What does it mean? That to get there you will have to climb a total of 400 stairs .You will see the entrance to the monastery and the first Buddhas will appear before you.

Therefore, our advice is that you wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. You will have much to explore around the monastery if you want to enjoy all the statues that it houses.

For the rest, the monastery and its five temples (called the Temple of the God of Heaven, the Buddha of Candi, Kwun Yam and Nei Tor) open every day and admission is free. A big advantage!

About 13,000 statues can be seen in the Monastery of the Ten Thousand Buddhas. And thanks to the followers of Buddhism this figure does not stop growing. Undoubtedly, visiting this place is one of the best things you can do in Hong Kong.

Monastery of Ten Thousand Buddhas We show you!

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