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Diani Beach

Diani Beach-There are perfect and not very well known destinations to live an incredible vacation. We want to show you a magical place where you can enjoy the beach, the heat and the sea. The beach of Diani is a wonderful corner hidden in Kenya that is waiting for you. Get ready for a trip to paradise in the heart of Africa!

About Diani Beach

Diani Beach

It is one of the most popular beach places in Kenya and after 2 years I could see how much this part of Kenya has grown and how it is constantly evolving. Playa Diani has a long stretch of impeccable white sand beach, embraced by a lush forest and kissed by the most incredible turquoise waters you can imagine. What I like most about Diani Beach is seeing the mixed crowd: from party people, families, newlyweds, backpackers and even water sports enthusiasts.

Diani Beach, a paradise of Kenya

In Kenya, besides nature, safaris and culture, you can enjoy this dream beach. Diani is a magical resort located in Kwale County, south of Mombasa.

It has a length of 25 kilometers; its sand is white and golden tones that fuse with the deep blue of the Indian Ocean. A paradise that began to become popular in the 70s.

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Today, Diani beach is a must visit for adventurers who decide to travel to this African country. Here you have the possibility to enjoy a swim in its crystal clear waters, enjoy its places and sunbathe in its delicate sands. In addition, it is a great place to practice different water sports.

All the surroundings of the beach of Diani are prepared to take care of the tourists. In the vicinity of the beach there are hotels, two shopping centers and restaurants. There is no missing essential service.

There is also a nearby national reserve with coral reefs and unique animal species. One of them is the Colobus , a black and white monkey very famous in the area.

What to do in Diani beach?

In addition to sun and beach, Diani puts at your disposal the best of Kenyan culture and other tourist attractions related to nature. Do you want to know what they are?

Visit Ali Barbour’s Cave

Ali Barbour’s cave is one of the most special places on Diani beach. It is a cave formed by corals. It is more than 180,000 years old.

It is currently a restaurant with lights and candles strategically placed in the cavities of the cave. In addition, the roof has spectacular views of the sky, as it is transparent. You can see the stars shining during the clear nights.

It is ideal to spend a romantic night as a couple. To get there, you have to descend by a staircase to the interior of the cave, located ten meters down. In addition, in the restaurant you can enjoy the cocktails and famous dishes of Kenya.

Practice water sports

The waters of Diani beach are perfect for water sports. It does not matter if you have experience or not. Here you can from riding on craft sailboats to snorkeling. Its crystal clear waters will allow you to see perfectly the seabed with fish and coral reefs.

On the other hand, on this beach it is popular to practice kitesurfing, or what is the same, to ski with a traction kite taking advantage of the sea breezes that hit the Indian Ocean. You can also go windsurfing or diving.

Enjoy the sunrise

If it is already fascinating to do a safari in Kenya, traveling to this beach will allow you to know another of the forts of this beautiful country: its sunrises. Due to its geographical location, the sun creates a beautiful play of lights reflecting on the sea. It will be worth getting up early to stroll along the beaches waiting for the sunrise.

At sunrise, the orange, red and pink tones will color the landscape, creating a romantic, calm and spectacular atmosphere. If you are a lover of photography, you will be fascinated by the beautiful canvas that is formed by the waters of this beach.

It may seem that walking on this beach could have no end. But here you will not get tired because the calm that this beautiful place produces will make you feel at peace with your interior. Take advantage of the magic of this place to enjoy your trip to Kenya as you could never have imagined before.

Fortunately, everything will be ready for you: accommodation, services and restaurants, so you will not just have to relax and let yourself be carried away by the charms of Diani beach. For a different vacation!

How to get?

Plane: the best way and the fastest. This was the option I took as there is Fly Airlink and Jambo jet flights from Nairobi to Ukunda (Diani Beach). The flight lasts one hour and the cost (round trip) can be approximately $ 100- $ 150. However, baggage expenses can be extras.

Train: you can catch a train from Nairobi to Mombasa that lasts 4 hours and a half. Personally I recommend doing this trip because the train ride is very cool and is an experience that should live. The cost is $ 10 for one out of basic class and $ 30 for first class. Suitcases have no additional charge. They must take into account that if they go by train they must include what it will take them to get from Mombasa to Diani. Taxis are around $ 20- $ 35 and it takes about an hour to get from Mombasa to Diani.

Bus: Of course you can catch a bus and it is the most economical version but I would really recommend it to you, how adventurous you are. The cost is $ 10- $ 15 and this takes you to Mombasa and lasts 8-9 hours.

The hotel in Diani Beach

Our tour started at Galu Beach (Galu Beach), the farthest point south of Diani Beach where the hidden gem Kinondo Kwetu is located.

Kinondo Kwetu is a boutique lodge created as your African home that offers complete relaxation, completely “private” beaches (since the closest property is 2km away), surrounded by lots of nature and landscapes that offer many adventures.

Each room and cabin has its own personalized charm, as it is furnished and decorated with handicrafts and antiques from the Swahili culture. Many rooms can accommodate more than two people.

Alex and I stayed in one of the rooms facing the sea which in fact was the same room where the prince of Sweden stayed many years ago. I fell asleep in the same bed but not with the lol.

Kinondo Kwetu has an excellent reputation for well-being, with Finnish sauna, offers spa treatments, a yoga platform and a special meditation site on a nearby cliff. It also has two swimming pools.

Food and drink

They serve three-course lunches and dinners in different places, on the beach in the shade of the trees or at night under the stars. All fresh fruits and vegetables are grown locally. Fresh fish and seafood come from the door of the Indian Ocean.

All the meals that Alex and I tried were delicious and varied. From your salads with avocado and Greek, pizzas, organic coconut ice cream, fish, etc.

One of my favorite areas to have lunch was in an old wooden boat that was converted into a private area to take meals. Decorated with colorful cushions that looked like it belonged to a very funny pirate ship.