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There are so many people who take their holidays quite seriously, and if you are one of these people there are some top tips for packing for a holiday that you should know. If you are going away for a week or more then you should pack lightly and be sure to keep it light. When you pack for a holiday you need to do so smartly and make sure that you leave nothing behind that you might need later on, but rather that you pack as lightly as possible to avoid baggage charges.

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It is advisable to do your packing in advance. You do not have to pack your whole wardrobe, but be selective about what you are likely to need depending on your destination. You should always try to keep your luggage as secure as possible, especially when travelling through an airport. Consider using a Security Seal on your suitcase, available from a site like

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Top tips for packing for a holiday include making good use of the space available inside your suitcase. Consider using vacuum-sealed bags to reduce the size of items. A lot of space goes unused due to lack of proper packing and organisation, so learn some packing techniques from online tutorials to save vital space. You should pack enough to get by for at least two weeks without having to go out and purchase new supplies and always remember to carry important documents and any medication in your hand luggage.


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