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If you are looking to explore Ireland but want to visit places that are a little further from the crowd and away from the touristy Dublin or bustling Belfast then there are plenty of beautiful and quiet towns that are well worth a visit. Tullamore is one of these, and is a great place to go to get away from it all…

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The town is rural and quiet enough to give you that relaxation that you crave but you will also find plenty of shops if you need anything – from chemists to communications like Vodafone Tullamore, there is enough for you to know that you are not completely cut off from civilisation!

If you are looking for historical places to visit, there are plenty in the surrounding area. The Celtic cross of Durrow is a short drive from the town and the monastery was built in the 6th century. This monastery is famed for an illuminated manuscript known as the book of Durrow.

If you are a fan of fine whiskey, then this is certainly the place for you! The Tullamore whiskey distillery was founded here, which is best known for producing the whiskey Tullamore Dew.

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If you want to escape to the great outdoors, then head south towards the Lough Boora. As well as a thriving ecosystem and many species of flora and fauna, you will also be able to see the art works of the region at the environmental sculpture park.

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