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The simple answer to this is that it was Neolithic people living on Salisbury plain. We know they used an enormous amount of Beakers (in fact they are known by archaeologists as “the beaker people”) and that they could use rudimentary tools. However, the real questions of who they were, what they wore and what the purpose behind the Henge was is completely unknown. Historians of the period and archaeologists can only make educated guesses as to what their motivation was. We can’t even call them Britons as this is a Roman name given to the people they encountered in the iron Age. It may hold some clues but these Iron Age/Celtic people had long forgotten what the Stones original purpose was for.

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All of Wiltshire is studded with Ancient long barrows, round barrows and hillforts. It’s what makes living there so special . It’s something that people who choose Wiltshire Park Homes certainly understand.

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What we do know is that this was a technically advanced and sophisticated race of people. They were great designers and resourceful. For example, the Stones are not locally made. They have been identified as blue lias stone from South Wales. This meant that each one, 35 in total, had to be shipped over 110 miles via land, hill and sea without animals and limited ship going ability. An incredible achievement in itself.

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