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worth visiting

Worth visiting-Our planet is full of wonderful places. Beauty can be found not only in historical monuments, works of art or cities. We also discover it in nature: waterfalls, beaches, mountains … and deserts. We will visit 5 spectacular deserts that are worth visiting. These are magical places, and we will understand why. Follow us!

5 wonderful deserts that are worth visiting

worth visiting

The deserts are extensions of land that are not populated by plants due to their weather conditions. They are, therefore, uninhabited landscapes, where it seems that the world stops and the only thing that emerges is silence.

Visiting them is an unforgettable experience. As if you were traveling to another planet. And now, with this, let’s know the 5 most spectacular that are waiting for you:

The Great Atacama Desert

It is located in the north of Chile. It is considered the driest desert on the planet due to its geographical location. The Andes mountain range forms a barrier that completely isolates the area from the rains. It has an area of ​​1,000 km².

Throughout the desert there are interesting areas that can be visited. Almost all of them are located in the higher parts, very close to Bolivia. To visit, we advise you to depart from San Pedro de Atacama, the closest city to the desert.

From there, you can reach areas such as the Valley of the Moon, where you will see wonderful lakes in the middle of a bright sun. Also, the area of geysers in El Tatio. Also, if you can see it at night, you will contemplate the stars, since the region is barely contaminated. Without a doubt, it is the first of the deserts that is worth visiting.

Desert of the Sahara

It is one of the most famous, since it is the largest sand desert in the world. It has an area of ​​9,000 km² and there are areas that are really worth visiting.

Perhaps the most interesting part is that which covers the southeast region, from Morocco to Egypt, where there are areas of ergs. These are masses of sand that form spectacular dunes.

Traveling there is like plunging into the end of the world. Horizons that do not end, silence, sun … Some ergs known with Erg Chebbi, and the Great Eastern Erg of Algeria.

Uyuni desert

In this case, it is one of the deserts that are worth visiting, but largely because of its appearance. We are not facing a desert of sand, dunes and oases. It is a salt flat with an area of ​​10,000 km²! It is located in Bolivia, within the Altiplano region.

It is the continuous and highest salt desert in the world. And it constitutes a reserve of potassium, boron and magnesium. But above all, lithium. It is estimated that 50-70% of the world lithium is found here. Its landscapes are incredible: flat, cracked terrain and that whitish color so characteristic. Cheer up to visit him!

Lut’s desert

This is perhaps one of the most unknown deserts of our planet if we compare it with the previous ones of the list. However, it has been an absolute find for all those intrepid travelers.

It is located in southeastern Iran, a couple of hours from Kerman. It is the place where the highest temperatures on the planet have been recorded, specifically, 70ºC. Amazing!

The most characteristic of this desert is a region of about 100 kilometers called Kaluts. It has really interesting landscapes due to the erosion caused by the wind. The result is an extraterrestrial landscape, to the point of resembling Mars by the reddish color.

Antarctic desert

You never thought that our last desert would be at the South Pole, right? But as it could not be less, there had to be such a place on every continent. It is located in Antarctica, considered the highest continent on the planet. It is the largest desert of all on the list: more than 12,000 km².

The panorama that you find when you visit it is impressive: blue, snow, ice. A true new world opens at your feet. The most negative are the temperatures: the winters at the South Pole are really complicated.

The climatic conditions of the area mean that there is no plant life. For this reason, it is one of the most inhospitable deserts on the planet, but also one that is worth visiting.

So far our list of deserts that is worth visiting. Of course, there are many who have stayed outside, such as the Namib Desert, in Namibia, the Gobi Desert, the Death Valley … or even the African Kalahari. In every continent you can find a desert to visit.


One of the many positive aspects of living in Santiago, is that in the surroundings of this great city there is a wide variety of places to visit, such as national parks, hot springs, ski resorts, lagoons and beautiful heritage towns .

Then we leave you five towns in the outskirts of Santiago that you should know.

Isla Negra

At 115 kilometers from Santiago is Isla Negra, a quiet town on the central coast belonging to the Valparaíso Region. The main attraction of this spa, is that here is located one of the houses that belonged to the national poet Pablo Neruda. Today converted into a museum, the most unusual objects that the author collected during his life are exhibited, such as masks, pipes, photographs, pottery and paintings by renowned artists. In the garden of the building, you can see a bell tower, a water fountain, a boat and the tomb where the remains of Neruda lie.


50 kilometers west of Santiago is located Pomaire, a typical colonial Chilean village that is characterized by its beautiful houses of adobe, its craftsmanship of clay and its exquisite Creole foods , such as pie, casserole, legs, rolls and corn cake , dishes that you will find in most restaurants in this town.

In Pomaire, it is worth visiting the Roberto Bravo street , where colonial houses are converted into workshops and stores, decorative and utilitarian products made mainly of clay, such as pots, pots, fountains and the classic “piggy” piggy bank.


Another town in the outskirts of Santiago that is worth knowing is Paine , land famous for its tasty watermelons , and which is only 46 kilometers from the capital. One of the attractions of this town is the Aculeo Lagoon, one of the main recreation centers of the people of Santiago because of its proximity and beautiful landscapes. In this place you can practice various water sports, such as kayaking , windsurfing and skiing. There are also camping areas and picnic areas.


42 kilometers from Santiago is Curacavi , a town famous for its chicha and sweets. Your tour of this town can begin at Vina Puangue , where the sweet chicha is made , a yellowish concoction extracted from the Muscat variety. Likewise, in this zone the Kross craft beer is also produced, one of the most awarded in the country.

A few blocks from the Plaza de Armas, you can find the La Encina sweetshop, which offers the traditional Curacaví sweets , such as Chilean cakes, powdered and alfajores. In your visit you can visit animal farms and buy souvenirs in craft stores, such as weavings, looms and lapis lazuli jewelry.

San Jose de Maipo

San José de Maipo is another beautiful town in the outskirts of Santiago that is worth visiting, located 48 kilometers to the mountain range, noted for its nature and majestic surroundings. Here you have countless panoramas in the surroundings, such as visiting the Cajon del Maipo , where you can visit the El Morado Natural Monument , Banos Morales hot springs , the Lagunillas ski center , the El Yeso reservoir , and practice sports such as trekking, rafting, mountain biking and kayak.

Most of these towns are less than an hour from Santiago, so you can perfectly escape for a day with your family or friends and enjoy these extraordinary panoramas offered by the towns surrounding the capital.

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