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family picnic food

Family picnic food-Whether it’s field or beach, here we bring you some original, simple and very tasty ideas for a fun and renewed family picnic food that will undoubtedly please everyone.

One of the things -perhaps the only one- that we have to thank for the economic crisis is the recovery of some practices that, although not forgotten, had been somewhat cornered, almost as a thing of the past and even after the war.

One of these cases is the family picnic food: take food to the countryside or the beach is certainly much cheaper than eating at a bar or restaurant. And this was the main reason why our parents opted many times for this alternative. So lunch boxes with tortillas, breaded steaks and sandwiches and some salad were the only option to spend a day at the beach. And there we all went, in the “two horses” – without chairs or restraints, reckless parents – direct to the beach or the countryside.

And although some say that the crisis is already a thing of the past, we are going to contribute our bit to renew this fun way of eating, with some recipes and ideas that will make us want to go on a picnic again, even if we have plenty of pasta.

5 keys to succeed in your family picnic food

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There are many things we have to prepare already when we go on a field trip or spend a day on the beach as well as going crazy with food. If it gives us time to eat at home, it makes no sense to go picnicking. We look for simple, tasty and tasty things, but that allow us to enjoy the day. These are the criteria that we have taken into account for the menu:

Practical spirit and organization

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  • Choose or limit those foods or foods that need (a lot) cold (the fridge is for drinks).
  • Opt for food that can be prepared the day before is always a success that will help us to have everything ready more quickly.
  • Prepare a list with everything we have to prepare and take will help us to plan so that we do not waste time and leave nothing behind.

Avoid fried foods and (need to be) hot

In addition to the fact that in summer you usually want less, you should avoid those dishes that should be consumed hot or that are altered a lot when cooled: almost all those foods that are fried and that so crispy and appetizing can be at the moment, tend to be somewhat greasy and rather blandness after a few hours. Some cold croquettes, for example, do not usually go well, although we have filled them with Palominos prawns.

More than ever, eye with salt

It is always advisable to try to cook without abusing the salt, but in this case it is even more important to salty with caution and avoid those dishes that normally take a lot of salt, so that you do not have to spend a bad afternoon, which is already hot with us. Remember also that the use of spices will allow us to add less salt without missing it. Of course quesadillas and industrial panamas, usually excessively salty, are very ill-advised.

Dishes and cutlery, the minimums

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As much as possible, avoid those foods that require the use of a dish. The fingers are a great tool, and although at home we are always telling the children to use the fork, today YES, to use hands and fingers, which can also be sucked and washed easily in a fountain, river or in the sea.

And if we need a dish, let’s avoid the disposable plates, which do nothing but generate waste, overturn with the wind, break and drop food, etc.

Renovated airs

Forbidden (just for this time) the potato omelette, sandwiches, sandwiches and panamas, salads and sausages, we will try to make a return to the family picnic food and make something more fun and renewed.

The menu

Well, starting from the above, here are our suggestions, although more than recipes what we are going to give you are ideas that you can adapt to your palates and develop your own dishes. Here we go:

Wraps, rolls or whatever you want to call them wraps rolls

the family picnic food

Instead of the usual sandwiches, sandwiches or sandwiches, we can use this option. In addition to getting out of the ordinary, the Mexican corn or wheat pancake holds the fillings well and does not soak and melt as easily as bread. In this case, we recommend that you buy the ready-made pancakes, unless you are some artists. Anyway, if you cheer up, this is something that you can also prepare the day before and fill them in the morning.

Instead of presenting them whole, as in the photo, you can cut them on wheels, so that they eat almost a bite.

Fill you can use almost anything: cold cuts with cheese or cream cheese, Serrano ham with a very chopped tomato salad, smoked salmon, cooked pork, salad, some fresh pate, etc.

Chicken dips

Some baked fingers or chicken fingers are a very valid option. By not frying them, they are healthier and they hold much better, we can do many at the same time and they go roasting while we prepare other things. And you can / should eat with your hand !.

The previous day

Cut a breast into thick strips (avoid using a fillet as they will be too thin and dry more), and smear well with a barbecue spices or your favorite spice or marinade mixture, and keep them covered in the fridge.

The same day

Turn on the oven, and while it is hot, pass the chicken for your favorite batter (bread crumbs with some herbs, nuts, etc.) and put it in a baking dish and baking dish. In ten minutes they should be ready. Let them cool, while doing other things, before storing them, so they do not sweat.

Your favorite salad

Fresh, simple to prepare and always appetizing. We mix the chosen ingredients, season them in the moment, and that’s it.

For example, we can prepare a quick salad with a mixture of lettuce, some cut cherry tomatoes, a few pieces of cream cheese and some nuts. Or add a few slices of ham or jerky that we have undid a little with your fingers.

When serving it, we can use it in a glass, instead of a plate and, after adding a spoon or trickle of dressing, shake it using another glass (although with a little less energy) as if it were a cocktail.

On possible dressings, each salad is a world, but with these heats, a dressing with a touch of citrus or spices can be a hit:

  • Virgin olive oil, lemon or orange zest, a balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt and go.
  • Olive oil, red pepper, oregano and a touch of salt.
  • Yogurt beaten with olive oil, salt and spices.

Sauces and creams

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If, as we said, we are going to use our fingers, we will of course need some sauces or creams in which to dip the chicken dips, the rolls or whatever we want:

  • Guacamole: fresh, simple to prepare and result on. And you can prepare it the day before.
  • Humus: it does not need cold, it goes well with other dishes, and you can also prepare it the day before.
  • Mussel pate: using cream cheese as a base, one or two cans of pickled mussels, some crab sticks and a spoonful of mayonnaise, and we will have a light but very tasty pate.

Fresh and seasonal, always appealing. To make it more attractive, we can prepare a variety of fruit skewers, which we will accompany with a light yogurt sauce or a fairly soft vanilla or chocolate ice cream, as a cold (let’s let us bathe the fruit). Other options can be condensed milk or even a melted chocolate, but with these heats … better something cool.

And a recommendation that we make, especially for summer, that at least half of the liquids you drink will be water, to avoid abusing sugary drinks or alcohol that only quenches thirst momentarily for family picnic food.