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There are many myths surrounding park homes, which can be off-putting to anyone considering this increasingly popular lifestyle. Here, the most common ones are busted, and the reality is explained. Park homes in Gloucestershire are enjoying a boom, particularly among younger people who can find a more affordable home, often in a great location that meets their needs.

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Myth #1 – Park homes are not good quality

Many people assume that park homes are simply caravans without wheels, built to similar standards. This could not be further from the truth.

Residential park homes Gloucestershire are all built to British Standard BS3632, and are designed to be lived in all year round as a main residence. Like any other home, ongoing care and maintenance are essential to ensure the property retains its value. When considering a park home, make sure to ascertain that it is built to this standard.

Myth #2 – Park homes are an inferior investment

Property of any kind is generally seen as an investment that people consider when planning for their future. The idea that park homes are a poor investment is certainly a myth and in fact, as they become more sought-after it’s likely that prices will rise accordingly.

Some park homes in Gloucestershire, such as those offered by, are clearly competing with traditional bricks and mortar for long-term asset planning.

Myth #3 – Park homes come with hidden charges

As with any property, there are ongoing costs, including local taxes. Park homes may be subject to service charges and/or site fees as well as Council Tax or the equivalent.

However, there are regulations that ensure homeowners are protected from unreasonable fees in much the same way as apartment leaseholders. Key information about this aspect of park homes can be found here:.

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Park homes are an exciting opportunity for people at any stage of life, offering significant advantages in terms of affordability. Residential parks are required to show you all their terms, fees and costs before any contract is signed, so make sure you have everything laid out to your satisfaction.