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Wales is a country that is famed for its many castles. Visiting these beautiful and impressive buildings allows us a glimpse back in time and with so many castles being in Wales, it is hard to know just where to start! Here are just five Welsh castles that are well worth a visit…

Chepstow Castle – The oldest castle in Wales today is Chepstow castle. The work on building this castle began in 1067, and it still stands today, a magnificent backdrop along the River Wye. Many of the original features of the castle are still intact, despite the many wars and risks that the castle has faced over the years. In fact, some of the doors in the castle were protected by iron plates, and are the oldest castle doors in Europe.

Oystermouth Castle – Swansea is a city that has it all – plenty of history as well as modern businesses like this SEO Swansea based company, and of course the many beautiful beaches that Swansea is best known for. Swansea also has an impressive castle to visit, Oystermouth castle. It dates back to the 12th century, and fell into a state of disrepair by the middle ages as it was no longer an important building, however it was restored and repaired in the 1800s and is now a popular visitor attraction.

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Penrhyn Castle – This stunning castle is full of beauty and history. It was re-built for the Pennant family who owned sugar plantations in Jamaica. As well as the neo-Norman style of the castle, the building is also full of many of the original decorations that were designed for it, from furniture to wallpaper to carpets. Much of the materials used come from locally sourced materials, such as the wood and the slate.

The castle is great fun to explore, as are the extensive grounds a popular place to visit in the spring when you can see the many flowers and trees bursting into life.

Caernarfon Castle – This is one of the most famous castles in Wales, and is a world heritage site. Over 700 years of history and turmoil are captured within its stone walls. It is the home of the representative of the Monarch in Wales and has been since the birth of Edward II, who was born at this castle on 25th April 1284. It is here that the title, the Prince of Wales is handed traditionally to the eldest sone of the reigning monarch.

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Caerphilly Castle – The title of the largest castle in Wales goes to Caerphilly castle. Building work on this stunning castle began in 1268 and took around three years to complete. This enormous fortress was a true defensive castle with vast walls and towers, and a thirty acre estate full of challenging watercourses to cross. The most notable feature of this castle is the leaning tower – it leans even more than the famous tower of Pisa!

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