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family trip

Family trip- If the idea of ​​planning a vacation with children stresses you, think again. With balanced programming, parents can plan a balanced family vacation, that is to say, fun for both children and adults. Traveling with children can be a great family adventure, therefore it is always good to ensure with an adequate time all the details in the chosen destination such as accommodation arrangements that meet the needs of everyone, and also, activities that will keep everyone entertained without exhausting them too much.

Choosing a destination with more attractions for adults means having bored (and moody) children. For this reason, it is necessary to find that perfect balance of fun, with good variety in restaurants for a good repairing dinner and ensure a few days of rest, with all this in mind you can enjoy a family holiday that will leave everyone with happy memories .

Family trip travel with children

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However, when you pass from the role of “child” to “adult”, these trips seem to be more of a challenge than a moment of disenchantment (if there are small children it is even worse). But is there any way to make these trips enjoyable for the whole family?

Fortunately, family trips do not have to be a nuisance for any of the members of the family, on the contrary, they are an excellent source of unforgettable experiences that we will carry throughout our lives.

Choose an appropriate place

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The options of destinations are almost endless and adapt easily to the tastes and preferences of the family. However, there are sites that lend themselves more to a family vacation than others.

For example, an all-inclusive resort is an interesting option. There you will find plenty of activities for both children and adults, and you will not have to worry about the food issue.

As for “not so recommendable” places, try to avoid places that are much more focused on the adult public. That is to say, maybe “the greats of the house” enjoy it, but the children can end up getting bored easily.


Places with many activities are the best option If there are children between 5 to 12 years, the best places to go on vacation are those that offer recreational activities. For example: tourist stations, amusement parks, places to camp, etc.

Plan well

When you plan a family trip, at least you should have already settled the matter of transportation, lodging and food. It is also useful to have the detailed itinerary of at least the first two days of the trip; It will save many headaches.

Lighten the luggage as much as possible. A common mistake when traveling with children is to pack in excess. It is not surprising that dads think that they should take half of the house to the trip, but we must avoid it. How?

Look for family promotions

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It is very important to look for promotions and family packages if you want to save money.

In travel agencies and websites you can find dozens of options for trips that include lodging and activities. In the long run they are the best option if you are not very willing or do not have enough time to plan this part of the trip.


If you are a large family, rent a house or apartment, when the family is of many members, it is sure that the prices of accommodation go through the roof, so the natural alternative is to rent an apartment or house.

In the case of trips abroad, do not forget to contract a medical insurance with ample coverage for any eventuality.

Bring your iPad (or tablet) with full charge always.

One of the inventions that parents most appreciate are the tablets (or iPads). Why? They can keep anyone distracted during long hours of periods of inactivity.

As adults we do not have so many problems to adapt at times when there is not much to do, for example, on long road trips or when there is no electricity, however, with children it is not so.

In addition to serving for entertainment, these artifacts are also useful tools that can be used in a number of different ways. For example, GPS or notebook.

Make them feel comfortable

  • Bring toys that distract them.
  • Put warm clothes on them.
  • Bring some snacks in your carry-on luggage.
  • Avoid the scales and try to choose only direct flights.
  • Take them to the bathroom before boarding the plane.
  • Do not speed up the trip and take your own pace

The excitement of traveling with the family makes us want to visit everything in a single day … Big mistake.

Avoid first of all doing many activities in a single day. As it is commonly said: “the best experiences are those that are not forced”.

Always have an open mind

For any type of travel (not just family), being flexible and adapting to the circumstances is extremely valuable.

For example: if something in the itinerary may not work as you planned, do not worry; Follow the path, go to the next activity.

If you travel with that mentality, we assure you that you will stress much less and enjoy things more easily.

Keep calm

Being with children is not easy, especially when they are little and they keep screaming and running all day.

They may end up taking the look of “few friends” of some people around (specifically those who do not have children) but this kind of circumstances are inevitable and there is no choice but to ask for ‘apologies’.

The important thing is to always stay calm and not “explode”. In the end, they are only children.

Do not forget your childhood trips and revive them

As it is commonly said: “with age the sense of amazement is extinguished”. And the reality is that yes, as adults we see everything with “logic” and we are rarely surprised (for good).

Fortunately, family vacations are a great opportunity to forget everyday worries and simply enjoy the moment with the ‘yours’.

Put yourself in the shoes of children, enjoy, remember and try to convey those emotions that marked you so much. Someday they will remember it.

If you are planning a family holiday in summer, here are some basic points that will help you balance the experience, juggling the priorities and ensuring a good time for everyone:

Where to go and how to get there

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When deciding where to take the children, be sure to select a location that will have a lot for your interests and also, for adults traveling with them. Find out about places that offer something for everyone, such as amusement parks and attractions, such as aquariums and zoos, live entertainment shows that are entertaining for children and adults, choose shopping centers with stores for all ages, and of course, the beach, where children can swim safely and parents can relax in the sand.

Choose a destination that is easily accessible by air or by car

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If you are going to travel by plane with the children, do not forget to bring quiet activities for them, such as coloring books for younger children or books for older children. If you are going to use a portable DVD player, laptop or other electronic devices, that children use headphones in that way will be more focused on what they are watching. Children and babies should travel with their favorite stuffed animal or blanket, the bottle of their favorite drink and, especially for babies, a pacifier to help soothe and relieve pressure buildup in their ears.

Driving can also be a good way to travel with children. In addition to electronic entertainment, games on the road can be a fun way to pass the time. Choose a destination that is easily accessible from major highways. Asking older children to help with the map invites them to participate in planning their route and makes them focus on the road.

Being in the destination

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Another fundamental point is to decide the place where they will stay in their family vacations. The main thing is to find an accommodation that suits the needs of the group and in general in most coastal cities offer a host of accommodation options. You can find everything from luxury hotel rooms on the beachfront, through condominiums and suites a few blocks from the beach to rental houses within walking distance of the main attractions.

You can find a suite with kitchen or even rent a house a few blocks from the beach will give you the space and access to what you need to fully enjoy all the attractions that the chosen destination has to offer. Or, you can save even more money and increase the fun by renting a house with another family and vacationing together.

No matter what you choose, make sure you have rest time on your itinerary and choose an entertaining place for children in order to keep them entertained during the holidays.

Finally, the end of the year festivities are approaching, the time when we seek to be surrounded by our closest relatives. Why not plan a family trip  together then? Family vacations can be fun if you know how to handle the difference in ages. You, your children and your parents have different customs when traveling, which must be respected in order to be pleasant, but without sacrificing the comfort of others. If you plan an inter generational trip as a family , these tips could be very helpful.