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Friend holidays are always a lot of fun. You can get out of the dreary winter weather, go have fun on the beach, and always have all the company you could ever want.

Without the right planning, however, it could just as easily become a week of fights and pestering. You need to consider a lot when organising a big group trip for it to be a success. No one wants to feel stressed when they are out on the Mediterranean water, so follow this guide and prepare accordingly, to help you keep the best parts of group travel intact:

Decide Friends Based on Trip Type

There are some people who think a beach holiday is a waste of time. There are others that would want nothing more than to sunbathe and enjoy the salty water. Fact is, not everyone is suited to go on every single trip. Depending on how many people go and what the purpose is, you might only want to invite like-minded people from your friend group. If you want to go on a camping trip, for example, go with others who love camping. You can always go on another trip with the rest of your friends some other time.

Of course, if it is a big group holiday where the point is just to spend time together, rather than focus on the destination, then you can invite as many people as you want.

Book a Villa

A great way to save money on accommodation and yet still have an incredible place to stay is to rent a villa. Villas can house anywhere from 6 to 25 people, depending on the listing, and yet can be as budget-friendly as €150 or less per night per person. With friends, book one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rent and lounge around all day against a beautiful backdrop – whatever you and your friends are into, villa living is the way to go.

Tickets and Bookings You Should Make in Advance

Though there is something to be said about spontaneity, you do need to be aware that it comes with risk. If you want to eat dinner at a popular restaurant, for example, but have eight or more people with you, then it is wise to book ahead to get a spot. The same applies to events, concerts, and activities. Just remember not to overdo it.

How to Keep Everyone Stress-Free

Villas and other holiday homes are great for bringing everyone in under the same roof. It is also a great way to ensure everyone spends time together, even if they don’t necessarily spend all their time together. If two of your friends want to go on a hike but the rest want to swim, then it’s okay to split up. You will regroup at another time. Doing this will help keep everyone happy and stress-free.

Travelling with friends will often show you a different side of their personality. In many ways, it is similar to living with someone. If you haven’t travelled together before, then this can actually cause friction. Minimise this friction by being very clear about what type of trip you are planning, and being open to the fact that you all don’t need to do the same thing every second of the day.

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