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honeymoon destinations in Italy

It seems to me that any foreigner dreamed or dreams of spending a honeymoon destinations in Italy. After all, Italy for Russians, Americans, Japanese or, for example, Germans – is a piece of a fairy tale, which they will be able to recall, looking at happy photographs with a unique nature and architectural perfection. On the Internet, of course, you can find a lot of information about hotels and places where you can go on a honeymoon. Tours are almost the same as for normal travel, but if you’re looking for something special for your honeymoon, we’ve picked up a few ideas for you.

honeymoon destinations in Italy: Wine tasting in a fairy tale castle in Chianti

Honeymoon in Italy

Treble Castle is located in the Tuscan countryside, near Florence and the historic center, in Chianti. Castle 13 in. It overlooks the valley, olive groves and vineyards – the view really captures the view and relaxes. You can dine on the terrace of the restaurant, trying fine local wine dishes. It offers rooms with swimming pools, organized tours throughout Tuscany and wine tastings.

Rest on the beaches, art and shopping in Versilia

best Honeymoon in Italy

For couples who are looking for secular entertainment and recreation, Versilia is the most suitable option. Here you can spend time on the beach, do shopping in Forte dei Marmi, visit excursions to Intrastate with its stone masters, art galleries and open-air taverns.

Romance of Florence

top Honeymoon in Italy

Florence is the capital of the arts of honeymoon destinations in Italy. Visiting its museums, the historic center – one of those things that you need to do at least once in your life. Florence is a very romantic city, especially on summer evenings, which has a leisurely walk through the streets, a carriage ride through the historic center, a portraitist posing on the Arno embankment. And do not forget about sunset on the panoramic terrace of Michelangelo Square, when the sun sets behind the Old Bridge.

In the Venetian Gondola

discover Honeymoon in Italy

As the most passionate and unique city in the world, Venice must certainly visit at least once in your life. Honeymoon – a wonderful occasion to rent a chic room overlooking the lagoon. Just imagine a walk in the gondola at dusk, along ancient canals, under city bridges, at an hour when lights come on. This is something that definitely worth a try!

Five Lands

the Honeymoon in Italy

Honeymoon destinations in Italy, associated with tradition and simplicity – Five Lands, five small towns on the Mediterranean coast – one of the most beautiful in the world. Here you will relax on the wild beaches or take extreme sports, drive through the hills and olive groves, and then spend a romantic evening on the outdoor terrace overlooking the sea in one of the many restaurants in the resort.

Let’s plan our honeymoon in Italy

a honeymoon in Italy

It will depend on the number of days you have planned for your honeymoon. We have proposed a romantic honeymoon of 9 days , taking into account that the first of them will perform the cheking at your hotel, and it is very likely that you will leave more than half a day between arrival at the airport, transfer and that you settle down in your room

Places to visit in Italy on our honeymoon

1st day

The ideal thing in that first afternoon in, surely Rome, you inform yours as much as possible, both in the hotel and in the Tourist Office.

2nd day

We assume that you have landed in Rome, and at least, the first three days we will enjoy it.

You can take the metro and get to the Plaza de España . It is a good way to start our trip knowing its staircase and the atmosphere that is breathed in this square, but from now on, prepare, because we continue on foot.

Via the Via dei Condotti , you will reach the Via del Corso . They are two of the most commercial streets in Rome. You will cross Piazza Colonna , where you can see the Column of Marco Aurelio .

Very near there, and crossing the Via delle Muratte , you will reach one of the most beautiful places in Rome, which is the Trevi Fountain . Forced to stop and be photographed in it, and if you like legends, you can not go without throwing a coin .

In just over 5 minutes you can reach the Pantheon , which is the building of the Roman Empire that is best preserved. Take advantage and take a cappuccino in one of the terraces in the square.

You can follow and know very close there, Piazza Navona , and its three fountains, the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II , and if you shadow time, the Plaza del Campidoglio .

And if you have the strength at the end of the afternoon, it will be great to have a drink in Campo dei Fiori , which is one of the most atmospheric places in Rome.

3rd day

It is a pity to visit Rome, and not to contemplate the beauty of the Vatican . Of course, you must take into account that on Sundays, museums close, except the last of each month. The ideal is that this day you wake up a little more, and that you do not arrive later than 9 in the morning.

To get to the Vatican City , you will use the metro to the Ottaviano stop , and follow the indications until you are in the Plaza de San Pedro . Is awesome.

To enter the Basilica of Saint Peter , you will have no choice but to stand in line, but if you like art, it will be worth the long wait.

If at the end of the afternoon you feel like relaxing, stop by Villa Borghese , and take a walk, couple. Beautiful!

4th day

Those who travel to Rome, usually enjoy everything that has to do with their history, so it is the ideal day to visit the Roman Forum , the Colosseum and the Palatine .

In the Piazza del Campidoglio you will see the statue of Romulus and Remus , but you must sharpen your view, because it is before entering the square, and it is not easy to see.

In 10 minutes, going down the stairs of the square, you will reach the Boca de la Verdad , which is located in the church of Santa María .

Another one of the places that you can not miss is Trastevere , which is one of the most visited neighborhoods by tourists. Here you will find a hotel offer within reach of any pocket, with very affordable prices. And, if you make your honeymoon in good weather, take an ice cream in the square of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere .

Do you still have strength? Then do not miss the ruins of the Circus Maximus and the Baths of Caracalla .

Places to visit in Rome on our honeymoon

5th day

We will get up today with our bags packed, because we will change hotels. You can use this day to travel to the part of Tuscany . We recommend you to visit the medieval village of Orvieto and its narrow streets next to the Cathedral .

Later you can continue towards Sena , which is a space that will take you to the closest thing to feel how you lived in the Middle Ages .

Do not forget to stop at San Gimignano , which is a beautiful little village on the way to Florence , which will be the city where you will spend the night.

6th day

This day will be to fully enjoy Florence, and its history.

Florence is the capital of Tuscany , and has a multitude of squares which are more beautiful. We can visit its church, observe its incredible architecture, and cross the Arno River by any of its bridges.

In its streets and squares several markets are set up where you can buy delicacies at very affordable prices.

In the evening, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at the Palazzo Borghese , a Renaissance restaurant with an incredible decoration.

7th day

2 hours separate us from Florence to Venice, so it’s time to get up early again.

It is clear that you can not leave this city without having sailed on one of its gondolas. If you hire a boat trip, you can visit the Murano and Burano islands .

In the heart of Venice, you will enjoy the Piazza di San Marco , which is an idyllic place.

8th day

We have to travel again to go to Rome, from where we will take the plane the next day to return to Spain.

But this day will be intense, because we have almost 4 hours of travel in which you can not miss visiting two beautiful towns such as Ravenna , where you will know the Mausoleum of Gala Acidic and the Basilica of San Vital .

The other town you will find once you have crossed the Apennines . It is Assisi , a town that enjoys the Basilica of San Francisco , an impressive monument.

And at the last minute, continue by road to our hotel in Rome.

9th, and last day

Depending on the time you have to be at the airport to check your bags, you can take more or less time in Rome, but it is clear that here we end our honeymoon trip to beautiful Italy .

We hope you can enjoy an incredible honeymoon with this little guide that we have prepared for you.

Transportation in Italy

better Honeymoon in Italy

The transport in Italy is quite complete, because in addition to international and national flights in this country it allows to move around streets, squares and others. It can be done through public bus or metro lines that include entire cities and give the opportunity to connect with other places, in addition to meeting people from Italy and more tourists.

Whoever comes to Italy, know the networks and routes of land transport is a fundamental task. It is not difficult to master the urban forms of transport since it has meters and bus networks that take you easily to any destination.

It is also recommended to the tourist or citizen to know the corners of the different cities of Italy on foot because it is relatively small because it is a small country. It may also be the only way to know the interesting spaces that the city hides. However, it is best to combine your walks on foot with land transport connections.

Finally, on your  honeymoon destinations in  Italy, you will visit  the most romantic cities , such as  Rome ,  Venice ,  Milan  and  Florence , we offer you a  honeymoon trip to Italy  so that you can visit the most important places of this beautiful country. On this  honeymoon trip through Italy you  will visit the most romantic and important places in Italy: The Roman Forum, The Colosseum, The Vatican, the baroque neighborhood of  Rome , you will make a tour to the  island of Capri , visit the Tower of Pisa, in Florence you can see the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the famous Ponce Pinocchio. You will also travel to Venice  where you can make a romantic and pleasant gondola ride through its canals, and visit the stage where Shakespeare narrated Romeo and Juliet.