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Garages are multi-functional and can be a brilliant space. Maintaining your garage in top condition is beneficial whether you use it as a work space, chill-out area, or as storage.

Installing insulation in your garage is a great idea. This will not only keep the garage at a more comfortable temperature during the winter months, but will also provide structural benefits. Here are some reasons to insulate your garage:
Heat – According to the Energy Saving Trust, solid walls lose twice as much heat as cavity walls. Installing insulation in your garage can reduce heat loss by a great deal during winter. The extra heat will make your garage a more comfortable place to work or relax.

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Garage door – It’s not worth it to insulate the walls of your garage when you have an outdated garage door which will let heat escape. Modern garage doors are usually durable and secure, but they also have some insulating qualities. If your garage door is old and inefficient in terms of insulation, you should also factor in the cost for Garage Doors Swindon. For a Range of Garage Doors in Swindon, visit Up and Over.

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Reduce your energy costs – The cold will enter your home if your garage is connected to your house. Indirectly, insulating your garage will make your house warmer and reduce your energy bill.

Noise reduction Р Insulation can also reduce noise, which is useful if anyone in your home practices music in the room or if you have loud machinery. This is a considerate act towards your neighbours, and it will also help reduce noise in your home.

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