Posted on: October 11, 2021 Posted by: Roger Walker Comments: 0

Whether you’re part of a fraternal organization, a group built around a common interest or your coworkers just want to do something outside of the office, you know that planning a great group outing that builds relationships and creates memories is easier said than done. Here are three keys to planning a group outing that’s memorable and meaningful.

Get Out

Plan an outing that most people wouldn’t plan for themselves. Go beyond a standard meeting. When you add a tour bus rental cost Virginia, you’ll add a few dollars to the cost for each participant, but you’ll be able to get further afield and it gives everyone time to talk and team build on the journey instead of meeting up at the location. Great outdoor activities include:

  • hitting a local hiking spot,
  • canoeing on a lake,
  • navigating a rope course, or
  • group cleanup of highway, beach or park.

Get Something to Eat

If you want to plan a meal for your group, go all out. Take your tour bus to destination locations like historic inns, hotels or restaurants that can provide your group with a private and quiet dining room and a memorable dining experience. With a bus, your group can safely indulge in a few cocktails and it keeps people from slipping out early.

Give Back

When your group is on more of a budget, plan an outing that focuses on giving back to the community. Create a team to take part in a charity run. Get everyone together to serve lunch at the local soup kitchen. Even help build a house with your local Habitat for Humanity group.

You could be getting sweaty together, enjoying a high-end dining experience or helping around your community, no matter what you choose, when you plan ahead and think outside the box, your group outing builds friendships that last a lifetime.