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Relocating to Greece? Whether you’re moving for business, retirement or personal reasons, get prepared for an exciting new life in this beautiful Mediterranean country. These six tips should help you settle in smoothly.

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Embrace Cash

Greece has a strong cash-based economy. While larger establishments like hotels and restaurants accept credit cards, many smaller businesses, street vendors, and taxis may prefer cash payments, so always carry some cash with you.

Private Healthcare Insurance

While Greece has a national healthcare system, it may not meet all your needs. It won’t be available if you’re an investor with a Greek Golden Visa and don’t yet have permanent residency. Learn more and access assistance with residency and visas from a specialist such as A private healthcare plan can be a good idea to provide extra coverage for any significant health issues for you or your family.

Learn Greek

Greeks appreciate when foreigners make an effort to speak the language. Even basic phrases like “Kalimera” (Good morning) or “Kalispera” (Good evening) can go a long way in building rapport. Familiarising yourself with the Greek alphabet can also be helpful in day-to-day interactions when you move to Greece. An online guide or an app can be a useful tool.

Smoking Indoors

Smoking is a common habit in Greece, and although recent laws prohibit indoor smoking in public places, not all establishments strictly adhere to the rule. It’s important to be aware of this, but with Greece’s favourable climate, outdoor seating is usually available.

Understanding Social Customs

In Greece, it’s customary for the person celebrating a birthday or name day to cover the expenses of any gatherings. Name days are particularly significant, and it’s considered polite to acknowledge and congratulate someone on theirs.

Local Transport

Depending on where you live, understanding the local public transport system is helpful. Learn about nearby metro, tram, trolley and bus stations, and if you plan on driving, be prepared for the driving style and parking challenges in urban areas.

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Keep these tips in mind for a smooth transition to a new life in this vibrant Mediterranean country.

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