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Amsterdam is one of the most interesting cities in Europe that really worth knowing. The Dutch capital is a city very organized and has a really fascinating architecture. That’s why I’m already including in my next trip!

The variety of monuments and traditional buildings that the city offers is really admirable, many of them are declared as historical value of Amsterdam. Also during the summer you can enjoy outdoor shows in the main streets of the city.

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Vincent Van Gogh Museum has one of the most important collections of this famous painter, has more than 200 paintings and is considered one of the most important museums travel.

Also in the city they are also located other important museums such as the “Rijksmuseum,” the museum of modern art “Stedelijk” and “House Museum Rembrandt”. You doubt that you can here enjoy the best art and the best museums?

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One of the attractions that draw attention of the younger ones is the “Heineken Experience”. This interactive museum of Heineken beer is in an old mansion where you can enjoy the best beer in town.

A highlight of Amsterdam is that she is very organized and transit is not a concern for the city. Furthermore the streets are very nice and are able, and that is why you should not forget to take a bike ride through this beautiful city!

Finally, this beautiful feature mentioned above, we must add the fascinating canals and bridges that are characteristic of the city. Without forgetting other parts of Amsterdam as are the famous “red zone”, the “coffee shops” and the flower market.

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