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Catalonia history

Landscapes of Catalonia history-Both Laura and I love visiting places in our small country. We have already spoken to you in other posts about the El Tren dels Llac s , coastal towns such as  Tossa de Mar  and today we want to talk about the town of  Camprodon . For days we wanted to make a break in Catalonia history with some friends. And we thought that going to this well-known town was a very good option.

Catalonia history: Camprodon situation

the Catalonia history

Camprodon is a town that is about an hour and a half from Barcelona by car, specifically in the Ripolles region. We found it a good distance to make an impromptu getaway to disconnect from work and leave the city.

The Romanesque Camprodon

Throughout the day we visited the points of interest of Camprodon, and the most important point of the town was the Pont Nou. This bridge that crosses the river Ter, was built in the XII century and formerly was part of the road to the Cerdanya. For us he is the protagonist of this town. So we decided to immortalize it along with the good day he was doing.

In Camprodon we also find the  Monastery of St .. Pedro. This Romanesque style monastery was built in the 10th century. Ten centuries later, in the 20th century, a restoration was made where the monastic buildings were demolished. And this garden surrounding the church was made. the only part of the monastery that remains foot today.

Commerce and restaurants in Camprodon

The town of Camprodon is not very big and like most villages its nerve center usually concentrates on a main street. The Valencia street of Camprodon is where we will find most shops of this beautiful town.

While we walk along this street we see the amount of sausage shops that there are: hams, fuets of all sizes, secallones , goat cheeses … just watching them make everyone go hungry. We had to take a few of these ephemeral souvenirs  home. They were screaming for us!

We can also find a handful of bakeries. We were struck by a muffin shop where it took us a while to decide what flavor we bought.

Our visit to Camprodon was round trip on the same day. But if you are going to spend more days, you can go to visit other villages around there or even make excursions in the mountains. You can also take advantage of the visit to go to ski slopes, the closest is Vallter 2000.

If you go on a Sunday apart from the one we have explained you will also find the town market.

The town of Camprodon is very beautiful and deserves attention when planning a trip from any city in Catalonia history or Andorra. Surely we will return!

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