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Liverpool city

Liverpool city-From Liverpool John Lennon Airport the easiest way to get to the city is by taking a bus. But we give you the two options because to taste the colors.

  • Bus: There are several buses that connect the Liverpool airport with the city center and other points of the British city. Of all the buses that we have, we took the number 500 that leaves you in the center. The tickets for these buses are the same as those used with the city buses.
  • Train: To arrive by train you first have to take a bus to Liverpool South Parkway train station. And there the train to the center of the Liverpool city.

Accommodation in Liverpool

In Liverpool we stayed in a very central hostel called Hatters Hostel.

Transportation in Liverpool

We bought a few daily bills that were like a scratch earns. With these you could do all the trips you wanted. We took them because we had to go outside to look for Liverpool. Everton tickets and because we went to Anfield. If you do not plan to see Anfield or some other place that is a bit out of the way. Liverpool can be seen walking perfectly.

What to see in Liverpool city

the Liverpool city

The reason for going to Liverpool was for a gift, to feel the atmosphere that lives in  Anfield. We did not have many expectations about the Liverpool city; we had always heard that it was an ugly industrial city. Luckily, we were surprised and liked to visit it.

This was our day to day:

  • Day 1: Church Street, Radio City Tower, The Cavern Club, St. John s Gardens, St. George’s Hall, Liverpool Central Library, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Register Office
  • Day 2: Albert Dock, Anfield, The Cavern Club
  • Day 3: Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral, Chinatown

Currency in Liverpool

In Liverpool city the currency is the pound sterling.

The birthplace of the Beatles

Places to visit in Liverpool city. Maybe this city is one of the most named and not only for tourism, but for the quartet, that’s right, The Beatles.

  • Located northwest of England, east of the Mersey River estuary. Being a port city, it reached economic and commercial power.
  • In 2008 it was named European Capital of Culture, and in addition to being famous for The Beatles , its football team also makes it a pretty named city.
  • So visiting Liverpool means visiting a city full of history, music and football, with purely English architecture. You can visit buildings with great architectural value that are close to the center, if you want to make a seafront you can take a walk in the Albert Dock.

Definitely, you cannot miss the Anfield football stadium and, of course, do not miss the place where The Beatles was born , and have an English beer at The Cavern Club , so your visit to Liverpool will end up being very English and very musical.

Top places to see in Liverpool city (England)

By all known, for being the city that saw the birth and growth of the 4 singers most famous in the town, The Beatles , Liverpool hides many more than just that.

With a huge cultural heritage, this vibrant city, the traveler falls in love with the enormous contrast we find in history, music, culture and tradition surrounded by the songs and melodies of the Beatles.

Below we list   10 places to see in Liverpool , which under our understanding, stand as essential visits.

Albert Dock

This pier is crowned as the oldest in all of Great Britain . History and tradition are cited in this area of ​​shipyards where they have managed to reinvent an innovative area that retains its identity traits.

Red brick construction

Heritage of humanity by unesco, its buildings retain their structure and style that fuses with some modern elements that hypnotize the visitor.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Located just 300 meters from Liverpool Cathedral, this most modern temple is one of the great treasures of the city.

With less ornaments and a structure of the most curious , its interior is really curious and enjoys a unique lighting that transports us anywhere, except to a church.


This neighborhood is one of the great peculiarities that we can enjoy among the 10 places to see in Liverpool , due to its location.

An important Chinese colony , settled in this area, creating a small district that brings us to China for a few moments through shops and restaurants , but above all thanks to the huge arch, which is already a symbol of the city.

The cavern Quarter

The famous neighborhood of The Beatles hosts the venues where this quartet began its glorious journey through the world of music.

John Lennon

Tributes in the form of sculptures and all kinds of merchandising await us in this small but crowded network of streets.

Liverpool Cathedral

More classic cut, it is a true icon for the inhabitants of the city for its history and the importance that it has had throughout the years.

Central Library

Here the new and the old merge in a space that is widely used by Liverpool’s neighbors.

Main facade of the central library

Old rooms of wood with enormous volumes , contrast with the most modern part where besides books we find technological elements.

The Cavern Club

Inescapable visit for Beatles lovers and their music because here some of their songs were born when they were not yet known.

Anfield Stadium

The famous we never walk alone , has its epicenter here, in one of the most popular stadiums in England and throughout the football world.

There are tours to visit the stadium and get closer to the history of the club.

Liverpool Museum

One of the most important museums in the city , is also one of the newest and most attractive structure.

City center

Walking along Church Street or through the commercial area of ​​Liverpool is one of the great pleasures while enjoying a very dynamic city.

Radio tower

The Radio tower acts as a compass. There are many more attractions of this town, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art , the Museum of the Beatles , the famous yellow submarine or stroll along the banks of the River Mersey, but this is our selection of 10 places to see in Liverpool.

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