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trip to Berlin

Trip to Berlin–  We went to Berlin with Norwegian because it was the company that had the best offer. We went for $ 40 round trip. Yes, it was low season, in January.You can search for flights to Berlin and if you are flexible on dates you can find similar offers or even better ones.

Accommodation:  When we were trip to Berlin we slept on an Airbnb near the Am Friedrichshain tram stop  . Now this accommodation is no longer available. But we recommend that area to search, since in 5 minutes by tram you are at Alexanderplatz. This hotel, for example, is very close to where we sleep and has good ratings. But anyone in that area will be fine.

How to go from the airport trip to Berlin

airport trip to Berlin

To get to Berlin from Tegel airport we only have the bus option. The bus that needs to be picked up is the JetExpressBus TXL. This bus, although it depends on the time of day, takes 37 minutes to get to the city center. For more information about transportation at this airport.

Schonefeld Airport

To get to Berlin from the Schonefeld airport you will have to take the train. Or the S-Bahn (the Berlin metro). To go to Berlin’s central station is about 35 minutes.

Transportation in Berlin

To move around trip to Berlin we use the 4 day Berlin Welcome Card. You have to bear in mind that although when you look at the map, the distances seem short. The Berlin is a very big city. That’s why the distances are not as short as they seem and we recommend you buy transport tickets that allow you to make unlimited trips. As such, there are only one day unlimited travel cards.To to be able to make unlimited trips during 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days you will have to buy the Berlin Welcome Card.

The Berlin Welcome Card, at least the one we had and what we have seen on the Berlin transfer website. Includes zone A and B. To move around trip to Berlin you will not have any problem. But if you want to make an excursion to Potsdam or Sachsenhausen which are zone C. You will have to buy an extension of the ticket.

What to see in Berlin

Berlin is a city that does not leave indifferent and that can attract people with very different tastes. Without going any further, David was attracted to the most alternative Berlin and to me the historic one. Despite the differences, we agree on our essentials in Berlin .


Berlin is one of those cities where you can only learn from history when you step on it. Europe and the world as we know it today is an evolution of how much happened in this city years ago. Our visit to Berlin was three days and we saw as much as we could, almost without resting. There is a lot to see in the city and outside of it, so I suggest some tours in Berlin to discover the city with maximum comfort and in a different way.

Although we love to  travel by free , sometimes we resort to guided tours   to learn about the history of the city or to do different activities. There is a huge variety of tours in Berlin for all tastes. Here I leave you with the best 8:

Free trip to Berlin

The ranking cannot start in a better way. Free tours are a perfect way to get to know the city in a different and fast way. On a free tour in Berlin you  will visit some of its most important points with a specialized Spanish-speaking guide. The free tour in Berlin lasts about 2h30min and is an excellent way to start your trip.

These free tours in Berlin, as in other cities, are usually taught by university students. Although it is free, always be grateful to leave a good tip for the effort and time invested by the guide.

Berlin during the Cold War

Berlin as you can see it today had nothing to do barely 40 years ago. As you know, the city was divided into two parts after the end of World War II. This division was carried out with the famous Berlin Wall . But there are many questions about how the population lived, how the wall was built, who did it, etc. All these questions can be answered in different ways but the best one, without a doubt, is to be told by an expert.

In this instructive tour you will learn everything about the Berlin Wall. For 4 hours and in different important points an expert guide on the subject will tell you all the secrets about the story. This tour was done by Petri during her first visit to Berlin many years ago and she was very happy for the points she met as well as the information.

Illuminated Berlin Tour

All the cities when night comes are transformed. In the case of Berlin,  the artificially lit city dresses buildings, monuments and squares in a special way. With this tour of the city during the night you will visit the most important monuments of the city with a guide.

Tour around Berlin by bicycle

One way to discover Berlin is to do it by bicycle. This tour I recommend if you have little time and if you like to try a new way to visit a city. This is one of the tours in Berlin that has the best score and is that the visit to the most important places in the city becomes more dynamic with two wheels.

Boat tour

Something very typical, but no less interesting, is to do a boat tour . On this tour a boat plows the river Spree for an hour with audio guide in Spanish. Besides enjoying the walk we will discover many monuments from a totally different point of view. In our Berlin video series you can see our experience with this tour.

Boat trip at nightfall

This boat tour on the Spree River at dusk is simply beautiful. During the 3-hour journey you can admire some of the most important points of interest of the city illuminated under the night. You will also pass through a section of the Landwehrkanal canal to admire the beautiful Baroque palace of Charlotteburg.

Excursion to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp

It is true that it is not a “nice” or pleasant visit but it is definitely recommended. We visited the Sachsenhausen concentration camp during our trip to Berlin. Without a doubt we recommend visiting this place to learn about the evil that the human being can do and the history that should never be repeated.

With this guided tour of the Sachsenhausen camp you can learn much more about the whole story. With you will be a specialized and Spanish-speaking guide who will tell you everything about the field. There are many buildings destroyed and areas where there is nothing, but with the guide you can get a better idea of ​​how the whole complex was.

The visit lasts almost a full day so do not forget to bring your own food. As a recommendation, if it is summer it carries water because there is no place of shade. We did not do the guided tour and precisely because of that we recommend it. When going for free we miss information points to learn more about the place.

Excursion to Potsdam

If you travel to Berlin and have enough time, I recommend this tour to visit the city of Potsdam. It is one of the most stately and beautiful cities in Germany. Many of its visitors define it as a trip to the past as it is full of large gardens and palaces.

With this guided tour of Potsdam you will visit the most important and essential places of the city. You will also have the best explanations of everything you see thanks to a specialized guide who will take you to discover this “imperial city”.