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When it comes to distinctive culture Ireland has it in abundance. More than any other country in the world you can identify something that is inherently Irish. Many popular items such Guinness, Shamrocks, St Patrick or Aran Sweaters like those from Shamrock Gift, come to mind when you think of Ireland.

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The people of Ireland have a strong sense of their history and culture and so do those that have left it. The Irish diaspora saw huge swathes of people live for the New worlds of America, South Africa and Australia. Places where they could be free of persecution, unemployment and hunger. They well remember this with celebrations of St Patrick, which themselves are open to debate of authenticity.

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It is also a land of tales. Some of the best troupes have borrowed heavily from the ancient Celtic tales of Tir Na Og. This oral and written tradition has been reprinted many times and borrowed from and influenced others in some may ways. From Tolkien to George R Martin. There is also something about the people of  Ireland themselves that perpetuate this sense. A renowned sense of humour shaped by centuries of strife has created a myth that they seem to also add to. Long may this fabulous land and its people continue and flourish no matter where they are.


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