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Ireland is a country full of history going back for thousands of years. If you are interested in discovering the ancient sites of Ireland, then a good place to base yourself on your trip is Dundalk. Dundalk has everything that you need from somewhere to stay – great places to eat (and of course drink) as well as shops for all of the modern conveniences that you need from food shops to Vodafone Dundalk.

Here are a few ancient historical places that you can visit in the Dundalk area…

Clochafarmore Standing Stone – There are many ancient stones all around Ireland, but this one is associated with one of Irelands ancient and most well-known heroes – Cuchulainn. The legend says that whilst in battle, Cuchulainn was fatally wounded, but determined to continue in his battle he tied himself to this stone so that he could stay standing and help to defeat the opposing army that threatened Ulster.

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St Brigid’s Shrine – Brigid is another of Irelands most famous figures, and many stories are told of her in Ireland. She existed in Irish tales long before Christianity came to Ireland and was adopted into sainthood by the church. This shrine is a place that many people come to honour Brigid, and you can visit this shrine at Foghart Bride, and even make a Brigid cross in her memory.

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Proleek Portal Tomb – These stones make up a monument that was believed to have been carried to Ireland by a giant all the way from Scotland. If you can throw a small stone or pebble up onto the capstone and it stays there, it is said that you will be granted a wish.