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Distilleries in Scotland

Scotland has much to offer its visitors: spectacular scenery, castles, picturesque farms, lakes, cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow and whiskey. Scotch whiskey tourism is at its peak. In Scotland there are 108 distilleries (nothing more and nothing less), without any doubt, it is the perfect place for lovers of this drink. Distilleries offer tours of their facilities, tastings, and teach you everything you need to know about whiskey.

Distilleries in Scotland
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Among the fields of golden priming Ross-shire is the distillery Glenmorangie (1843). The Men of Tain will give you a warm welcome. They are the artisans who make sure to make the whiskey as it was made in the old days. They offer several types of tour: The Original Tour, The Signet Tour and The Heritage Tour. The tours are conducted with expert guides, and can experience all stages of the whiskey making process from crushing and fermentation to distillation and maturation. In your Still House, you will see the highest stills in Scotland.

Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia was founded in 1832. In Glen Scotia combine tradition with modernity. In their distillery they have always produced two styles of whiskey; peated and non peated (peat or peat – free). Peated whiskey is produced over a period of six weeks a year. Over the years the quality of the whiskey has improved with a longer fermentation. Although the processing process remains the same as it always was. They make different types of tours at fairly reasonable prices.


Tomatin is one of the most famous distilleries in Scotland. It is located in the Highlands of Scotland . The origins of whiskey production in Tomatin are hard to pin down. The “official” distillery operates today was established in 1897 , but there are reasons to believe that the production of whiskey, though illegal, has been an important part of life in the area for a long time. 85 employees of the brand still live in the houses of the distillery , so for many of its workers is more than a job; It is a lifestyle. Tomatin makes several very interesting tours for its facilities: The Legacy Tour, Taste of Tomatin Tour, Single Cask Experience …

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Highland Park

Highland Park offers many types of tour visitors from the most basic to luxury tours . You can even do the Specialist Tour – Work a day at the Distillery and work a day at the distillery. Although the most attractive tour is the Specialist Tour – Vintage, on this visit you are given the opportunity to taste three rare vintage whiskeys.


Balblair is a distillery located in Edderton, Ross-shire and was founded in 1790. Since its birth have been producing Highland Single Malt Scotch whiskey. In Balblair just released his whiskey when it is ready. Your manager selects the best whiskeys that have reached their exact point of optimum ripeness, the peak of perfection. They have three different tours and the tour is intimate and personal.

The Glenturret

The Glenturret is the oldest distillery Esocia . It was created in 1775 . The distillery has survived many difficult periods in its more than 240 years of history. In 1950 the public was opened and have since received an average of 80,000 visitors each year . His whiskey is made by hand by a group of small artisans.

By the way, if you visit the distillery not miss the memorial / tribute to the cat : “Towser the Mouse”. In the distilleries it was common to have cats for mice caught entering the stores attracted to the large amounts of cereals. Towser worked for 24 years in Glenturret. In fact, the cat is quite a champion, since it killed about 28,899 rodents in his entire life. Towser is part of the Guinness Book of Records . At present, the distillery has other cats, which have become quite an attraction for its visitors.