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Seven places where tourist not welcome

A large number of entrepreneurs and investors have been attracted to the robust economy of Singapore, which is driven by its strategic location and a high degree of economic freedom. Furthermore, the creation of diverse work opportunities across numerous industries has also contributed to its popularity. Therefore, it does not come off as a surprise to know that professionals who have accumulated several years of experience in their industries or are experts in their field are highly sought after in the country. Services such as Visa Express Singapore can guide you on how to apply and the steps that have to be followed to ensure your application is not rejected.

The Personalized Employment Pass is issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for such professionals for their immigration to Singapore. There are various privileges that holders can enjoy through the PEP. They are free to work in any industry as employees. However, they will require permission before applying in certain professions such as dentists, doctors and security officers amongst others. The holders of PEP can take advantage of a great deal of flexibility when applying to jobs because they don’t have to apply for a new pass every time they decide to change their employment and this can save them a lot of hassle. They just have to use the PEP Notification form for informing the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Furthermore, PEP holders can also stay unemployed in the country for a continuous period of six months and not have to leave the country or even apply for a new employment pass. This is one of the biggest reasons why the Singapore Personalized Employment Pass is considered one of the easiest ways to work in the country. Moreover, it can also offer ‘dependents’ privileges that are provided to P1 Employment pass holders. This means that you can also bring your spouse and kids and even your parents to Singapore along with you.

In order to get the Singapore Personalized Employment Pass, you have to fulfill some requirements, which are:

  • Your last monthly salary should be $18,000 and should not be six months prior to the application.
  • If you are a P1 employment pass holder, you need to show salary of $12,000. This pass is typically issued to professionals working in executive or managerial positions in specialized fields.
  • You should not have an Employment pass issued to you under a sponsorship scheme.
  • You should not have any intention of starting your own business.
  • You shouldn’t be a freelancer who intends to work without direct employers in the country.
  • You should not be share-holding Partners, Sole-Proprietors or Directors of companies that are registered with ACRA.

If you can meet the requirements and you want to get a PEP for working in Singapore, you should provide the necessary documents to apply for it. As long as you take the MOM demands into consideration and get professional assistance in the application process, the chances of getting a personalized employment pass in Singapore are quite high.

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