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Quadrocopter- The joy and satisfaction gained from piloting are highly dependent on where exactly you launch the copter. When you fly in nature, the more beautiful it is – the more fun and the happier you are with photographing, surveying and exploring the terrain.

Many people buy quadrocopters in order to shoot a video about their travels. This is a very sensible decision. When we go on any trip, we discover new and beautiful places. And if you can still look at them from a bird’s eye view, then you will experience unforgettable emotions. In this article, we will describe four ideal for travel copters.

Quadrocopter: Phantom 4 Proquadrocopter

Phantom company DJI – one of the most famous copter. Choosing it, you definitely will not go wrong. Quadrocopter is equipped with an obstacle detection system in five different directions, a one-inch CMOS matrix and such “smart” modes as ActiveTrack, Draw and apply. Read more: Limousine services can be an excellent choice for picking up business associates

Its weight is 1388 gr, but it is not so much given its power. Unlike other Copters, it does not transform to take up less space. If you are going on a trip, you will need a special case and a backpack. Of course, the Phantom 4 Pro is not the most compact device, but if you have high requirements for photos and videos, you often rent a car on vacation and are ready to sacrifice a free place in luggage, then this quadrocopter is ideal for you. Phantom 4 Pro can be purchased in white or matte black.

Mavic Proquadrocopter

Mavic Pro – a powerful, compact copter and an excellent travel companion. And although his camera is not as good as the Phantom 4 Pro, still he shoots 4K video, has a three-axis stabilizer, thanks to which your pictures will always be clear. It was released about a year ago and until now there is no other Copter of this class on the market who could boast of similar camera work and flight characteristics. Read more: 9 Destinations For 9 Moods

By the way, one undeniable advantage of the camera is the ability to shoot at night with a long exposure. And we must not forget about the capacious battery, which allows it to fly up to 27 minutes. And if you get an updated model in platinum color, you can fly up to 30 minutes.

Mavic Airquadrocopter

Mavic Air – a miracle of engineering and design thought, built to fly, where you just want. Similar to its compactness and folding design on the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air is half the size and equipped with additional optical sensors, SmartCapture mode, the new QuickShot Asteroid mode and 8 GB of memory (in addition to the microSD card slot). Its maximum flight time is slightly less than Mavic Pro (21 minutes), but Mavic Air is currently the most portable copter with a three-axis stabilizer and a camera that shoots video with 4K resolution. The best choice for the traveler!

If you are interested in this model, then we offer to see the unpacking of Mavic Air and the full review of Mavic Air.


You will get a lot of pleasure from piloting Spark, the smallest copter of DJI at the moment. It can even be launched from the palm of your hand! And thanks to the new advanced control of movements, you can control his gestures. Let’s say you are on vacation, climb a mountain and want to take a moment. Take Spark from the backpack, turn it on, press the power button twice and hold the camera in front of your face. Spark will fly straight from the palm as soon as it “recognizes” you, and will wait for further instructions. With gestures, you can record video or make self, without even touching the smartphone or controller.

In a small building, Spark engineers managed to install a two-axis stabilizer and a 12-megapixel camera. There are different shooting modes: Pano, shallow focus and QuickShot. The quick-shot mode allows you to fly on a pre-established route, while the camera takes you. It’s a quick and easy way to record great travel videos that you can share with friends.

What kind of copter to choose a traveler?

If for you the most important thing is the quality of the camera, then we recommend choosing Phantom 4 Pro. Need a good camera, but for more important portability? Choose Mavic Pro. And if you just need something that is fun and easy to fly, then take Spark.

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