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For such a small island, it can often feel like there is no escape from the crowds. Is there anywhere truly wild left in the UK that we can escape to? What does wilderness mean to you? Vast expanses of woodland, open plains, windy moors and mountain peaks? Thankfully, although it may not seem like it, there are loads of areas where a person can still ‘get away from it all’. Here are just a few:

Brownsea Island

Just off the coast of Dorset, by night this island becomes a haven of seclusion and exploration. You’ll be almost alone when the last day-trip ferry has left for mainland. There is a castle where a few guests stay but apart from that, it’s just you and the wildlife. There are endless footpaths winding through the thick woodland where you’ll also discover lakes and lagoons. To equip yourself for your adventures, visit an Online Bushcraft Store at


This 400-foot chunk of rock rising from the ocean is about as wild and remote as you can get in the UK. Only 11 miles from the Devon coast, you’ll feel like you’re in another world. The island is the site of a marine nature reserve and is alive with wildlife. On the journey to the island you may see dolphins swimming alongside the boat, or even a basking shark. The island does have some permanent residents but walking is the only transportation here on the aptly named ‘Puffin Island’. This is also one of the UK’s best diving sites with 216 shipwrecks and stunning coral reefs.

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Carningli, Pembrokeshire

Visible from Snowdonia, the volcanic peaks of Carningli are a dramatic and desolate landscape. It is possible to easily reach a mile from the summit by car, which is then reached by a trek across some open morrland. Local myths say that if you spend a night on the mountain, you’ll either become a poet or go mad! With its prehistoric sites and amazing views across Pembrokeshire, you’ll be transported to a magical and ancient wilderness.

Loch Lubnaig, Argyll and Bute

Here you’ll find an incredibly pretty loch, even if it’s not the biggest. Surrounded by two massive mountains called Ben Ledi and Ben Vorlich and with vast swathes of woodland, this is one spot where you can escape the hustle and bustle. Rent a canoe, go fishing or just choose to take it easy by the cool, calm waters.

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Beinn Griam Mor, Scotland

If you don’t fancy sleeping out under the skies but still want a remote retreat, try the Garvault Hotel at the foot of the Beinn Griam Mor mountain in Sutherland, Scotland. Picture a cloud-covered, dark, dramatic peak with a sweeping green valley below. In this valley, there is nothing except one building, the hotel. Yes, this is one destination that really is in the middle of nowhere.

Pedn Vounder, Portcurno

If you do like to be beside the seaside then here is a spot that won’t be full of tourists. It’s an incredible bay with cool, crystal lagoons and secret beaches on an atoll -island sand bar. About a mile further along, you’ll discover ledges from which to jump into the sea, secret caves, tunnels, plunge pools and sea caves. Although there is a clifftop campsite, you may prefer to spend the night beneath the stars snuggled up in the heather.

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