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eat in Berlin

Eat in Berlin- We can affirm that Berlin is one of the cities in which we have eaten the best. In Berlin we tried the typical gastronomy of Germany, but also gastronomy from other parts of the world.

Why is it one of the cities where we have eaten the best? Well, because we have let ourselves be carried away by suggestions from locals and friends who are living there.

Hofbrau eat in Berlin

the eat in Berlin

The Hofbrau Berlin brewery belongs to the same chain as the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. The Hofbrauhaus is famous for serving the favorite beer of the Wittelsbach family , having witnessed meetings of the Nazi Party and being a meeting point for locals.

When we were in Munich we tried to have dinner there, but we had to settle for a walk around the brewery since it was full. So when Marta, our tour guide from eat in Berlin neighborhood of Cultourberlin, told us there was a Hofbrau in Berlin we did not think twice.

In this brewery you can try Bavarian food served by waiters dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes and all this is set with live music . The good thing about this place is that although there are tourists, there are also many local people.

What do you recommend to try? Well the dishes of the Bavarian cuisine that we liked the most when we were in Munich: the Kasespatzle and the Weinstuben Schnitzel. If you want to know what we are talking about read in our entry ” Where to eat in Munich: the best Bavarian cuisine “.

The Hofbrau Berlin is next to Alexanderplatz, on Karl-Liebknecht street 30. At the end of the entrance you have a map with all the sites that we recommend you.

Brauhaus Georgbraeu

top eat in Berlin

This brewery is in the neighborhood of San Nicolas, also very close to Alexanderplatz. They produce their own beer and that makes their interior very characteristic, you find cauldrons, pipes and other elements of a brewery.

In this brewery we chose typical Berlin dishes, we tried a dish called Berliner Boulette, which are typical German meatballs, and Brandenburger Bratwurst . The latter does not need to tell you that it is a sausage.

Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebap: the best kebab in the world

best eat in Berlin

Friends and local people  recommended this kebab, everyone told us it was the best kebab they had tasted . And it is true! It is delicious. It is a little stand in the street, there is no place to sit. With luck you take a piece of table, but with good luck! It is in the Turkish quarter and go with time because there are impressive lines.

The Mustafa’s kebabs were very different from the ones we are used to eating here. As condiments, apart from the typical Kebab meat, it has several roasted vegetables: potatoes, pepper … and a spicy sauce that itches a lot, but it is very good. Also with a single durum you can eat and maybe the Turkish version of Luís Enrique attends you.😜

Curry 36: Berlin’s most famous Currywurst

They say that Currywurst is the typical dish of eat in Berlin . It’s a German sausage with tomato sauce and curry. A strange mixture? Maybe, but it’s delicious!

As they told us, in Curry 36 they make the best Currywurst in the whole city. As they had also recommended the Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebap, we had blind faith in their palate. And obviously we were not disappointed.

It is next to the kebab that we have just recommended, in the same street Mehringdamm, at number 36.

Alt-Berliner Wirtshaus

discover eat in Berlin

It is a tiny restaurant that Ricard de Cultourberlin recommended us when we finished the  All Berlin tour at the Brandenburg Gate. It is a few streets from this famous door and you can try the Currywurst on a plate among other Berlin specialties .

Useful information of Berlin

  • Where to sleep in Berlin: When we were eat in Berlin we slept on an Airbnb near the Am Friedrichshain tram stop. Now this accommodation is no longer available on Airbnb, but we found it on booking. These are the apartments am Park Friedrichshain. The location is very good. In the corner you have a tram stop and in 5 minutes you are in Alexanderplatz.
  • Public transport in Berlin: When you are on a trip, the most comfortable thing is not to depend on buying tickets to move around the cities. To see Berlin, it is essential to get around by metro or train, since the distances between the places of interest are impossible to walk (do not trust that they seem close on the map).
  • Excursions from Berlin: We went to Potsdam one of the days we were in Berlin . You can go on your own or take the excursion to Potsdam with a guide who explains interesting things to you like that in the gardens of Sanssouci Palace King Frederick II is buried with his 11 dogs, why is there a Dutch quarter … Another excursion very popular, and that we did not do because we had already visited Auschwitz, is the visit to the Concentration Camp in Sachsenhausen.
  • Rent a car in Berlin: If you want to make a tour of Germany, you can rent a car. We use the Rentalcars search engine to find the best offers.
  • Berlin Guide: In our Berlin guide we explain practical things: how to go from the airport to the city, what to eat, what to visit.