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Norway by itself is already a different destination. At any time of the year it calls for travelers who love nature, open spaces, unique landscapes. As unique are the options of accommodation that we could find in the hotel offer of Norway.

Thinking of organizing a next getaway to return to Norway, I set out to investigate a bit to get out of the “normal” hotels. And it is not because they are bad, since I have tried them in some previous trip, and they are of all category and always with an impeccable service. But I was looking for something “different”, and I found this …

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1) In Bergen was one of the portheads of the famous Hanseatic League since the late Middle Ages. Traders with all sorts of goods went from here to the middle of the sixteenth century. The historic district of Bryggen tells this story, and there is the Hanseatic Hotel, tucked away in the old part of the city which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Staying there is to return to that time, for its decoration, its surroundings and the beauty of this wooden building which has since continued to house “outsiders” as it did with those Dutch and Norwegian merchants.

2) Do you know what gampling is ? It is a camping with glamor. Facilities for “camping” with all the amenities of a luxury resort. It is a new concept that already finds examples in several countries and also in Norway. The Canvas Hotel in Telemark has 10 “shops” that actually look more like the Mongolian yurts. Outside, these big stores seem rustic, inside the thing changes.

They have wooden floors, spacious and comfortable beds with fine sheets and outdoor bathtubs to enjoy during the summer or, also, during the winter for the more daring and less frioleros.

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3) The Lofoten Islands are a dream place. I have them on my to-do list for an upcoming trip to Norway, and perhaps for this reason I was struck by this proposal for “different” accommodation: fishing huts.

Built at the time for fishermen who came to the islands to take advantage of the fishing season, with its characteristic red color, today are very popular as accommodation especially by the Norwegians themselves. These cabins are called rorbu and you can locate them in different towns and villages by the sea.

4) Tromsø is one of the best places to observe northern lights. A reason enough enough to move you to those latitudes. However, there is another that at least to the curious as the one that subscribes, they call us to know: the Vulkana.

It is a fishing boat converted into a hotel that during the day travels along the coast with the best of services (such as a spa inside, terraces, a zen lounge, a jacuzzi on deck and typical Norwegian cuisine).

We can also use it to get closer to the points of the region where active tourism activities such as hiking on the snow with snowshoes, skiing or simply stare at the landscapes.

At night, moored in port or from the sea, we will have the auroras for us from a privileged point of observation.

5) And since we have embarked, we go even further north. To the land of polar bears on the Svalbard Islands to transport us and sleep on the ship Noorderlicht.

It is the only ship in the world to spend the winter season on the ice of the Tempelfjorden Fjord of the islands. Wilderness and unique experience, no doubt. An “atypical cruiser” because it reaches the edge of the inhabited land closest to the North Pole.

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