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Bikaner is a city located in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. The city was previously known for housing the 16th-century Junagarh Fort, a huge complex of ornate buildings and halls. Now, however, it is popularly called the country of camels as it is distinguished by the best constituency of camels in the world. It has one of the largest farm camel research and selection in the world.

But, Bikaner is not known for camels and Junagarh Fort alone. In this article from real money casino Australia, we will be listing out places you must visit when your travel to Bikaner in the future.


Junagarh Fort

Junagarh Fort was recorded to have been built between 1588 and 1593 by Raja Rai Singh, an ancient general of the army of the Mughal emperor Akbar, designed in the form of a palace and the luxurious suits were added by the following Maharajas. The fort has a wall 823m long with 37 bastions, two entries and a ditch. The “gate of the Sun” or the Surajpol is the main entrance to this ancient building. The fort’s palaces are located on the south side which gave them a picturesque image with the balconies, kiosks, towers, and windows looking especially attractive. One of the major characteristics of the Junagarh Fort is the amazing quality of the stone sculpture. Imprints of hands can be seen near the Daulatpol, which commemorates the wives of Rajput soldiers lost in the battles.


Lalgarh Palace

The Lalgarh Palace is located just 3 kilometres north of the city centre. It was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh in memory of his late father, Maharaja Lal Singh. The museum Shri Sadul covers all the first floors of the palace. The museum was recorded to have been established in 1076 and it houses a significant collection of objects and personal effects of the Bikaner Maharajas, including a ship in brass called the Token, which is used to collect revenue that has been transported on the back of the camel to the state of cash Bikaner.


Camel Farm

Of course, your exploration of the city of Bikaner won’t be complete without actually going to a camel farm. There are 230 camels in the National Research Center on Camel camels, and there are three different races in Bikaner. Should you love to ride a camel, you can check out the baby camels and look around the small museum, and you’ll still be able to access some online casinos from there.


Devi Kund

Just eight kilometres to the east of Bikaner, Devil Kund is the site of the Royal charities of most of the leaders of the Bika dynasty. The white marble chhatri of Maharaja Surat Singh is among the most imposing.


Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

The wooded hills of the lake and this reserve, 32 km from Bikaner on the road to Jaisalmer, are inhabited by wild birds, hares, wild boar, foxes of the desert and a number of deer and antelope including black males and the Blue Bulls. Lake Gajner attracts the birds of water in thousands. Imperial House of Sand migrates here in winter. Sanctuary of the Fauna Gajner houses the former hunting lodge of Bikaner and has a beautiful lake surrounded by a dense forest.