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four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive– Everyone can cook! – so spoke the legendary cook in the cartoon about the talented rat. Echoing the wise character, we are ready to say: “Everyone can travel! You can travel on anything! You can always travel! “And then make a small remark – it’s better if you go on a trip prepared. We drove a couple of thousand miles in the East and South-East of Belarus on two crossovers of Skoda Yeti and are ready to share the recommendations of our friends from the “School 4×4”, useful, that is called for all occasions.

Travel with a margin by four-wheel drivefour-wheel drive

Even the lightest off-road, winding field course, bumpy clearing or forest track increase fuel consumption by half. Where you have to slip, you can multiply the consumption by three. The tank should always be filled with more than half. But other technological fluids – hydraulic boosters, cooling systems and should be completely up to the maximum level. Do not forget about the “fullness” of the wheels, including the spare, pump or compressor of sufficient performance. Read more: Limousine services can be an excellent choice for picking up business associates

Do not be afraid to apply knowledgefour-wheel drive

If you feel that you began to slip, do not just wrap the twigs, reduce the tire pressure to 1 atmosphere. Stuck – try to build, but do not slip. Does not help? Use the jack, put under the wheels of soil, branches, stones. If the jack does not climb, put it in the towing eye, screwed into the bumper or the reserve, if it hangs under the rear overhang, undermine the “Laz” under the lever, finally! Where to get knowledge? Google to help, well, or off-road driving courses. Read more: Best Places for Primitive Camping in the United States

Do not be lazyfour-wheel drive

In advance, pass the off-road section in which you doubt. Mark the trajectory of the traffic taking into account what you saw. Prepare the terrain – shorten the protruding edges of the rut, throwing off throwing the ground down. Measure the depth of the puddle, put a few sticks into it, sprinkle them with earth. Sometimes it’s better to lose half an hour and fly in five minutes. Wade – first feet, then wheels. Before the Congress on the forest road – always check with the map. In places with difficult terrain, ask someone from the crew to “post-match”, having agreed in advance on the meaning of the gestures.

Be readyfour-wheel drive

This slogan from the pioneer-scout practice, like no other, successfully illustrates the attitude towards the preparation of the journey. It means, in our context, be prepared for all possible troubles. No, the zombie apocalypse cannot be included in this list. However, if you know that you will roll off the asphalt, take a small sharp shovel, hatchet, a small folding saw a strong tug at the rate of two full masses of the car. Compressor or pump is mandatory. A flashlight, a lighter, a hank of a durable 6mm repsnura, a tarpaulin of 3×3 meters, a sturdy knife with a small edging bar – this list may be infinite, but at least we have indicated. A couple of small boards in the trunk do not interfere too. One under the jack, the second under the wheel …

Have a rest

Do not take difficulties as a problem, consider them part of the adventure. Be sure to help each other. It’s great if not one cargo for the trip, but two or more. Mutual help works wonders. In addition, it’s easier to distribute the property, you can take something more serious, say, long strong boards or sand-cars, an inflatable or a rolling jack, a big shovel, wheel chains, a powerful jerk rope. In any case, to travel a company, albeit small, but its own is always more fun.

Take care of the most expensive.

About health, your own and your crew. Take clothes that will save you from rain or cold, whatever the forecast. A summer water reserve and a thermos or a compact camp kitchen, such as Jetboil, are mandatory in winter. Believe me, this is not a trifle, it saved many lives. Communication and navigation are needed everywhere. Even if the phone does not catch the phone, it will work, if you move towards the nearest settlement, the direction to which the same phone will indicate. The navigator does not interfere with having a map, or even a compass. An indispensable condition – your friends and relatives, of those who stayed “on the shore” should know exactly where and how you are going, when and where you will be. Send them photos, notes, put the details of travel on social networks, share impressions – it’s fine.

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